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Company News About Effect of heparin lithium on blood

Effect of heparin lithium on blood

Effect of heparin lithium on blood

Effect of heparin lithium on blood


    In clinical blood analysis, heparin lithium tube is relatively common and has unique application value, which can prevent blood coagulation after blood collection. For this reason, its impact on blood cannot be underestimated. Many businesses in the market take advantage of the influence of heparin lithium on blood and make it into drugs to prevent or treat thrombotic diseases, or prepare anticoagulant tubes to achieve the purpose of anticoagulation of blood in vitro. Since the effect is obvious, how does it affect blood? Let's give you a detailed introduction.


    As an anticoagulant and anticoagulant in vitro, it mainly interferes with the blood coagulation process, and its influence is mainly shown in the following aspects:


    1. The composition of thrombin should be controlled from the root, so that prothrombin can be blocked, and coagulation source can be blocked, and thrombin can no longer be formed.


2. At a high concentration, heparin will inhibit the effect of other coagulation factors of the same type, and promote the change of fibrinogen to fibrin.


3. After the above two links are affected, the platelet aggregation can be prevented, causing damage, and the blood coagulation function will fail, so coagulation will not occur naturally, which is also the effect to be achieved in the test experiment.


    As a key analytical reagent in blood testing, heparin lithium has very strict requirements. Because there will be refined heparin and crude heparin in the market, it is necessary to ensure that there are no impurities when using it. In order to accurately purify heparin, it is more necessary to ensure the accuracy of key indicators. At the same time, in order to improve the anticoagulation effect during the use, the conventional dosage of 1mL blood corresponds to the use of 15IU-25IU heparin lithium. Remember not to use too much or not add as required.


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