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Company News About effect of lithium heparin on blood

effect of lithium heparin on blood

effect of lithium heparin on blood

Lithium heparin is a form of heparin, which appears as a white powder and is stable at room temperature. It has good water solubility and can be easily prepared into blood vessels. Due to its ideal anticoagulant effect, it is often applied in the medical field, suitable for detecting indicators such as blood sugar and liver and kidney function. Medical staff provide timely assistance to patients by analyzing sample data. So what exactly does it have on the blood? Let's take a look together.


Anticoagulant mechanism


The main function of heparin lithium is to prevent blood clotting by inhibiting the activity of thrombin. Thrombin is an enzyme that plays a crucial role in the blood coagulation process. Heparin lithium enhances the inhibitory effect of antithrombin III on thrombin by binding to it, thereby reducing its activity and slowing down the coagulation process, making blood less prone to clotting, thereby improving the efficiency of blood sample processing.


Application of heparin lithium in blood collection


Heparin lithium plays an important role in the preparation of blood vessels, as most biochemical tests require the blood to be in an uncoagulated state. In this case, it can serve as an anticoagulant to assist. It has the following characteristics in blood collection:


(1) Prevention of coagulation: Its main function is to inhibit thrombin, thereby avoiding blood coagulation during the blood collection process, ensuring that the collected whole blood sample remains in its original state before testing.


(2) High content: Usually, heparin lithium is in its original factory state as powder, and the raw materials prepared into the blood collection vessel are generally of high analytical purity, ensuring that it does not introduce any impurities or interfering factors and does not affect the accuracy of the test results.


(3) Stability: Heparin lithium is a stable anticoagulant that does not decompose or lose anticoagulant properties when added to test tubes at room temperature, which is beneficial for storing test tubes.


Heparin lithium, as an important anticoagulant, is widely used in the medical field. It prevents blood clotting by inhibiting the activity of thrombin, ensuring that collected blood samples remain in their original state for various tests. The premise for these effects is the quality of heparin lithium, and the choice of its source manufacturer is particularly important.


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