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Company News About Effects of EDTA dipotassium on biochemical detection items

Effects of EDTA dipotassium on biochemical detection items

Effects of EDTA dipotassium on biochemical detection items

EDTA dipotassium is an anticoagulant commonly added in clinical collection vessels, which is commonly used as blood routine in blood testing items. So does it apply to biochemical detection items? Today we are going to talk about common biochemical tests. Biochemical tests have many indicators, such as liver function test, renal function test, myocardial enzyme test, blood lipid and blood glucose test, etc. These tests seem to have little relationship with EDTA dipotassium, but they also add raw materials such as chromogens and enzyme preparations. EDTA dipotassium products are needed for hemoglobin and whole blood tests alone.

In clinical biochemical examination items, if EDTA dipotassium blood collection anticoagulation tube is used for biochemical examination, high potassium, low calcium, low magnesium, low ALP and other effects will occur. Why do you say that? They are listed as follows:

1. EDTA dipotassium itself contains potassium ions, resulting in high blood potassium.

2. EDTA can chelate calcium ions in blood samples resulting in low calcium.

3. EDTA chelates magnesium ions in blood samples, resulting in a decrease in blood magnesium. Note: In addition to calcium ions and magnesium ions, EDTA also chelates other divalent metal ions, such as manganese ions, iron ions and so on.

4. Magnesium ion is the activator of ALP activation center, so EDTA dipotassium also reduces ALP activity.

In conclusion, due to the infiltration and dilution effects of EDTA dipotassium, it may have an uncertain impact on the data accuracy of biochemical examination items. In order to avoid these effects, correct anticoagulants should be selected in different tests. Desheng Biochemical develops and manufactures various vascularized anticoagulants, including heparin, EDTA potassium sodium salt, potassium oxalate, trisodium citrate, etc. If necessary, please contact Desheng, and the sales manager will recommend appropriate anticoagulants to you according to your needs.