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Company News About Factory direct selling carbomer 130 yuan / kg

Factory direct selling carbomer 130 yuan / kg

Factory direct selling carbomer 130 yuan / kg

Desheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. carbomer spot sufficient, price reduction, volume promotion, manufacturers direct sales, spot direct supply, to avoid middleman price difference, buy carbomer discount in the end.


This article is just a brief introduction of carbomer. If you want to consult carbomer or want to know more details and specific price information, please contact us by telephone or go to Desheng website for detailed consultation.


The event is targeted at products, Carbomer 940 and carbomer 980, Carbomer is routinely used in hand free gel, daily chemicals, medicine and so on. In the use of more attention to viscosity and transparency and other issues, and Desheng material production of carbomer with pure white powder, high transparency, viscosity can be adjusted according to the direction of use and other characteristics.


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Desheng was founded in 2005, specializing in polyacrylic acid material products. So far, it has developed three generations of serum separation gel with different uses and carbomer products for non use. Professional R & D team is one of the important conditions for Desheng to have confidence in the market, and market feedback is the best touchstone.


The big difference between Desheng carbomer and ordinary carbomer on the market is that the powder of Desheng carbomer is obviously white, and the powder is more fluffy and delicate. In the configuration of solvent, the transparency is also much higher than that of similar products. As Desheng is a direct manufacturer, individual indicators can also be customized.


No matter it is used by direct customers or purchased by traders, it is a very good choice. It can be purchased in small quantities, or it can sign annual contracts to enjoy ultra-low price discounts. Product quality is guaranteed at the same time, unlimited price concessions, after-sales service to enjoy product quality problems can apply for direct return, or refund, real manufacturers, reliable products, choice is very important!