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Company News About Factory Direct Supply Virus Preservation Solutions

Factory Direct Supply Virus Preservation Solutions

Factory Direct Supply Virus Preservation Solutions

Desheng-Your First Choice of VTM


    Usually the virus test is to check whether the nucleic acid of the virus is exist in the throat swab sample. Viruses are a single substance containing only nucleic acids and proteins. The proteins and nucleic acids are decomposed when the virus leaves the host cell,making it impossible to correctly determine the virus in the collected sample during detection. The viral transport media(VTM) preservation solution can be used to immerse the virus sample in the sampling tubes, inactivate the virus protein and release the virus nucleic acid for subsequent detection.


    With the outbreak of the covid-19, a large number of VTM required to ensure the effectiveness of nucleic acid tests. Under the leadership of the company's leaders, Desheng's researchers developed a unique inactivated VTM in March 2020, contributing their own strength to fight against the covid-19, which also reflects that Desheng's company have courage to assume social responsibility in front of disaster.

There are two types of VTM produced by Desheng, inactivated and non-inactivated. The inactivated viral transport media contains biological buffers and lysis salts.After lysing and releasing nucleic acids,testing with the virus PCR detection kit to achieve rapid detection.So as to determine whether the sample contains nucleic acid of virus characteristic , that is, whether it is infected with the virus.


    The components of the non-inactivated VTM include Hank's buffer, which can adjust the pH value of the preservation solution and ensure a neutral environment for virus survival.Combined antibiotics with antibacterial and antifungal effects Bacterial protein stabilizer bovine serum albumin, which provide essential amino acids for viruses.Cryoprotectants to protect cells from solution and ice crystal damage.And glycerol to resist changes in temperature.


    With the continuous advancement of technology, the quality of VTM produced by Desheng is stable, and the production capacity can reach 50 tons per day, which can meet the demand for covid-19 detection. Welcome friends to consult. The virus is ruthless, but there is love in the world. Let’s fight against the epidemic together and tide over the difficulties together. We hope the epidemic will end as soon as possible.