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Company News About FAQ About Tris You May Interested

FAQ About Tris You May Interested

FAQ About Tris You May Interested

1.Is TRIS packed by powder or solution type?

If a large amount of Tris required, it is more economical for you to prepare solution with tris powder.The Tris made by Desheng is refined powder which can be used to prepare solutions of different proportions, concentrations and pH values according to the requirements, and it can be formulated into different buffer systems with other buffers like HCl, acetic acid, boric acid, glycine, EDTA, etc.


2.Why TRIS is the most frequent choice for buyers who need biological buffer?

Because tromethamine Tris has superior performance than phosphate buffer, and the price is much lower than HEPES and PIPES,so the Tris buffer is the preferred choice for biochemical experiments.The pKa value of Tris in solution is 8.1 at 25℃, and the effective PH buffer range is 7.1-9.1, which can satisfy most biochemical experiments.


3.Issues should be paid attention to when purchasing TRIS (CAS77-86-1)

First of all, we must ensure sufficient stock supply. In particular, some customers have relatively large demand, reaching the ton level or more. If there is no sufficient stock as support, the production time will affect their purchasing. The second is whether the product quality is reliable and whether the purity meets the requirements. It is very convincing to provide a full range of product testing services according to customer application needs. In addition, a group of professional R&D teams needed to provide a good technical foundation for sustainable development.


4.What other products can be prepared from Tris?

We can prepare products related to TRIS according to its molecular structure, such as Bis-Tris, Tricine, TES, TAPS, etc.Their molecular structures all contain Tris,and they are buffers often used in biochemical experiments and molecular biology experiments,RNA hybridization and DNA lysis. Due to the pH of Tris buffers is greatly affected by temperature and concentration, so environmental influences should be considered when configure Tris solution .


Desheng is specialized in producing white Tris powder, its purity as high as 99%.And we can custom datas according to your requirements. Pls contact if you need Tris buffer.