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Flood warning! Which biochemical reagents need to be careful?

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Flood warning! Which biochemical reagents need to be careful?
Latest company news about Flood warning! Which biochemical reagents need to be careful?

Recently, Jiujiang Jiangzhou, Nanchang Xinjian and other places have successively issued calls for the reverse flood resistance of young and middle-aged people. Due to the continuous heavy rains, many places in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River are also suffering from floods. Therefore, companies or laboratories related to biochemical reagents have stored a large amount of biochemical reagents. , Unlike some popular commodities, in addition to daily waterproof and electricity proof, it also needs some special attention.


Generally speaking, except for areas with severe flooding, most companies will prepare some emergency plans, but there will still be some omissions in details. Doing good details can also avoid the loss of many biochemical reagents and further strengthen safety precautions. . Due to continuous heavy rains and even floods, the air humidity is very high, which means that there is a lot of water in the air, and the clothes that are dried are even wet, let alone some biochemical reagents. The reagents that usually require special attention are as follows:


EDTA potassium salt, sodium citrate and other hygroscopic salts

Salts such as  EDTA K2, disodium EDTA, and sodium citrate are very easy to absorb moisture. These salts usually absorb water and easily form crystal hydrates containing crystal water. As long as the sealing is not good, they will quickly absorb water. . In the cabinet containing these reagents, you can put some desiccants, such as anhydrous calcium chloride (itself can easily absorb moisture in the air to form crystalline hydrates).


Carbomer and other gels

Carbomer type gels, although not miscible with water, are very easy to absorb water and swell to form a gel. This is also the carbomer can be widely used in gels. After it absorbs water, the molecules are fully expanded and the volume will increase a lot This in turn may cause the bag or cardboard barrel containing carbomer to be broken, further increasing moisture absorption.


latest company news about Flood warning! Which biochemical reagents need to be careful?  0

A variety of biochemical reagents


High-nutrient reagents such as enzyme preparations and protein preparations

Enzymes and protein are nutrient-rich substances, which are very conducive to the growth of microorganisms. The high temperature and high humidity environment in summer is easy to breed bacteria and fungi. This type of reagents are usually expensive, so you must ensure that the storage environment is dry, ventilated, and dehumidified.


Peroxide, sulfuric acid and other reagents

This type is relatively dangerous in normal times, and storage conditions need to be strictly controlled. For example, peroxide initiators and concentrated sulfuric acid may cause a lot of heat or even explosion risk even if they do not directly contact water but absorb moisture in the air. Protect against moisture.


Although only a few reagents will absorb moisture and cause violent reactions to cause danger, many reagents will affect their use or rapidly grow bacteria and deteriorate. These are no small losses. Finally, Desheng wishes everyone an early escape from the influence of the flood and return to normal work.

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