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Function and Preparation of Inactivation Virus Transport Media

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China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Function and Preparation of Inactivation Virus Transport Media
Latest company news about Function and Preparation of Inactivation Virus Transport Media

Due to the New coronavirus epidemic, Our work and life have been greatly affected. The detection of biological viruses and nucleic acids has also become well known from the public, and the corresponding virus sampling and virus transport media has also become a kind of biological reagent raw material with great demand in the market. There is a huge demand for a raw material of biological reagents. Of course, many people are curious about how it is made.


According to the different functions of virus transport media, there are two types of inactivated and activated types, of course, the production method is also different. This article focuses on the inactivated virus transport media. The biggest difference between the inactivated and activated types is that the inactivated type does not need to maintain the integrity of the virus structure, only need to release its nucleic acid, and then can be detected by nucleic acid detection steps such as NT-PCR and probe testing of nucleic acids If the virus sample has characteristic nucleic acid, it can be judged whether the virus test of the sampling object is positive or infected. Biological virus is a kind of microorganism with simple structure composed of nucleic acid DNA or RNA plus protein. If the sample contains virus characteristic nucleic acid, it can be judged that the sample is infected by the virus.


latest company news about Function and Preparation of Inactivation Virus Transport Media  0

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Since the virus is inactivated without culturing the virus, the first thing that is needed is to cleave and inactivate the virus and destroy its membrane protein to release nucleic acid. Usually, the prepared virus transport media is added with a cracking salt. The cracking salts used by different companies may be different, including guanidine hydrochloride, guanidine isothiocyanate, etc. The essential role is the same, which is to split the viral membrane protein and extract the encapsulated viral nucleic acid. When sampling, the nucleic acid cannot usually be detected immediately. The released nucleic acid will be degraded by contact with RNase in the air. Therefore, an RNase inhibitor needs to be added to the storage solution to inhibit its catalytic RNA degradation. In addition, you need to add Tris buffer and EDTA to maintain the pH of the environment where the nucleic acid is located. Use the characteristics of EDTA to complex metal ions such as calcium, magnesium, iron, etc., to prevent metal ions from activating proteases, reduce the impact on nucleic acid quality, and improve nucleic acid. Stability, extend the storage time.


Use deionized water when configuring the virus transport media, or use ultrapure water for special test requirements. The configuration is similar to our usual configuration of biological buffer, but the temperature requirements are stricter, and the temperature must be kept low during storage and transportation. The virus transport media involves virus sampling and nucleic acid detection, and it must be treated with rigour. After configuration, it needs to be tested for virus inactivation and positive sample detection rate.


The preparation of the virus transport media seems simple, but it is not sloppy for the actual production. It must ensure that the virus is inactivated and loses its infectivity, and it must inhibit the degradation of nucleic acid by RNase. Any failure to do a good job will affect the final detection. Desheng Technology organized scientific researchers to consult materials, consult experts, repeat experiments, and verify by multiple parties, and finally successfully developed a virus transport meida for the new coronavirus.

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