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Company News About Gel serum separation method and precautions

Gel serum separation method and precautions

Gel serum separation method and precautions

Gel serum separation method and precautions


    With the improvement of people's health awareness, blood testing has become more common, and most disease diagnoses also need to start from the patient's blood, using instrument and equipment data for comparison, in order to effectively help improve the disease diagnosis rate. To fully ensure the accuracy of the results, the first step is to do a good job in blood collection and separation, in order to obtain high-quality serum samples and improve overall detection efficiency.


    1、 How to collect blood


    In the early stage, the method of collecting blood in clinic was to use glass tubes without any additives, but there were many drawbacks, such as: long time storage, not obvious separation effect, which would affect the normal blood separation work, so later the appearance of separation gel slowly stopped using this method to collect blood.


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Serum separating gel


    2、 Gel serum separation method


    The initial method of serum separation was the more common water bath centrifugation. Although the separated serum samples can be used for testing and analysis, if the storage time is extended, the serum will undergo changes, leading to inaccurate data. Such sample detection is of little significance. After the appearance of the separated gel, this method is no longer used.


    The method of separating serum by gel mainly depends on gel. Because there are a lot of hydrogen bonds in the structure of separating gel, it can quickly and efficiently separate serum from blood clots according to specific gravity, viscosity, physiological inertia and other indicators. For stored serum samples, they can be stored for a long time without any changes or abnormal test results.


    3、 Precautions for gel serum separation


    It is worth mentioning that during serum separation, attention should be paid to the use and operation of gel tubes, of which the more important two points are to ensure the complete coagulation of blood and the control of centrifugation. The specific details are as follows:


    1. After collecting the blood sample with gel tube, shake it slowly and evenly, then place it for half an hour, and centrifuge it on the machine after full coagulation.


    2. The control time for centrifugation operation should be 10 minutes at a speed of 3500 to 4000. After centrifugation, it is also necessary to let it sit for a few minutes until the serum and blood clots are completely separated before using the instrument for detection.


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