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Company News About gel serum separator tube

gel serum separator tube

gel serum separator tube

gel serum separator tube


    In early clinical medicine, the commonly used test tube was red, but now yellow tubes are widely used instead. This is mainly because yellow tubes contain serum separation gel substances, which can effectively help improve blood separation and detection efficiency. How to make good use of this gel serum separation tube in clinical practice? Let's take a specific look below.


    1、 Advantages of yellow gel serum separating tube


    Compared with the common red serum tube, the gel serum separation tube has many advantages that can not be ignored. First, it can realize on-line detection in the same tube without transferring serum samples, reducing detection steps and time. And it can also store and transfer serum samples in the original tube without interfering with the results of biochemical and immune tests, and the serum composition will not change.


    2、 Basic properties of serum separation gel


    In order to better use serum separation tubes, the first thing to understand is the separation gel, which is an inert reagent with strong stability, hydrophobic material that is insoluble in water, and resistant to high temperatures and oxidation. It is precisely these characteristics, combined with the action of centrifugal force, that enable the serum separation tube to effectively process blood, ensuring the extraction of high-quality serum samples.


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gel serum separator tube


    3、 Use of gel serum separating tube


    1. After collecting the blood sample with the gel serum separating tube, slowly reverse and mix it for about 5 times as soon as possible, so that the blood sample can fully contact the reagent in the test tube, so as to ensure the quality of serum precipitation and avoid blood clamping.


    2. After the sample collection is completed, place the test tube for half an hour and wait for the serum to completely precipitate before centrifugation.


    3. If the blood collection environment is too low, the storage time of the blood sample should be appropriately extended, and the optimal storage temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius, so that serum precipitation can reach the ideal state.


    4. Although the serum separation gel has a precise specific gravity and can be flipped under the action of a centrifuge, attention should be paid to the centrifugal speed and time. Improper operation can also lead to a decrease in the quality of the serum after centrifugation.


    As a manufacturer of serum separation gel in China, Desheng has its own unique technology and rich experience, as well as large-scale production equipment. Its daily production can reach tons, ensuring the supply needs of customers. At present, it has become a hot selling product in the domestic market and is constantly developing internationally. Interested parties are welcome to choose Desheng to order. We hope that our services and products can bring the most enjoyable user experience to all customers.