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Company News About Green Environmental Protection Law-TRIS Buffer

Green Environmental Protection Law-TRIS Buffer

Green Environmental Protection Law-TRIS Buffer

TRIS stands for Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane, white crystalline particles in appearance, CAS number is 77-86-1. As the most commonly used raw material for buffer preparation, TRIS is widely used in biochemistry and molecular biology experiments. In addition, TRIS is also an intermediate for the preparation of surfactants, vulcanization accelerators and some drugs. Because it has three equal hydroxyl groups, it can also be used as a good reducing agent. Under the alkaline condition of sodium hydroxide, the chloroauric acid solution can be reduced to prepare stable gold nanoparticles. This method is very environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, and can be called green magic.



The more classic methods for synthesizing gold nanoparticles are sodium citrate reduction method, phase transfer method and seed growth method. These methods are very easy to modify surface biomolecules on gold nanoparticles, but the preparation and modification processes of these methods have certain toxicity. In order to reduce the toxicity of gold nanoparticles to biological organisms in experiments, and enable them to obtain better applications in the field of biomedicine, in recent years, scientific researchers have been committed to continuously developing new green reduction methods.



Under alkaline conditions, the chloroauric acid solution is reduced by ultrasound without adding other stabilizers, and relatively stable gold nanoparticles can be prepared. The synthesis of environmentally friendly and biocompatible gold nanoparticles is realized. By adjusting the experimental conditions, gold nanoparticles of different sizes can be prepared.



The preparation of gold nanoparticles by TRIS ultrasonic method is a new green and environmentally friendly reduction method. Compared with other green synthesis methods, the experimental conditions are milder and the operation is simple and easy. This provides new research ideas and theoretical basis for the synthesis of gold nanoparticles with green pollution-free, low toxicity, low cost, and high biocompatibility.



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