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Company News About heparin sodium classification

heparin sodium classification

heparin sodium classification

heparin sodium classification


    Heparin, as a naturally occurring substance in animal liver, has been found to have anticoagulant effects. Therefore, many manufacturers have prepared heparin sodium or heparin lithium raw materials based on it for use in vacuum tubes. But they don't just have one function, they can be applied to different aspects through different categories, and their categories and prices also vary. Many people increase their purchasing costs because they don't know the classification, which sometimes brings a lot of trouble for experiments. So in response to this situation, let's take heparin sodium as an example and introduce the classification in detail. Later on, we can also differentiate and purchase.


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Bottled heparin sodium


    1、 Analytical grade heparin sodium


    The main source of its extraction is pig small intestine mucosa, but the production process is fine, with strict numerical requirements. The finished product is a white powder, easy to dissolve in water, with an average molecular weight of around 15000 and a potency between 150IU-180IU. It is formulated as a solvent and added to vacuum blood collection vessels to have an anticoagulant effect on blood.


    2、 Low molecular weight heparin sodium


    It is mainly used for medical injection into the human body, and its production requirements are generally stricter than other types of heparin sodium, and its price is expensive. It can be used to treat large diseases such as thrombosis in the human body. Although it is also composed of a mixture of polysaccharide chains, its average molecular weight is between 4000 and 5000, which is much lower than the analysis of pure heparin sodium. It also has strong anticoagulant effects and has fewer complications in clinical treatment of thrombosis.


    3、 Cosmetic grade heparin sodium


    This is a raw material in cosmetics, which is usually added to the skin care products of redness, swelling and acne gel. The addition amount is about 0.6%, which can use its anticoagulation, thrombosis and blood viscosity reduction effects to improve the skin permeability, improve the local skin blood circulation, and is conducive to the nutrition supplement of the skin, which has a good maintenance effect.


    There are roughly three categories of heparin sodium mentioned above. There are differences in the production processes and requirements of these three types, and their prices also vary. Please choose according to your own usage. As a professional manufacturer of heparin sodium, Desheng sells heparin sodium products that are analytical pure for external use and cannot be directly used in the human body. When purchasing, users can express their purpose clearly, which is convenient for customer service to provide accurate answers. If you have any purchasing intentions, please click on the website to inquire about the details!