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Company News About Heparin sodium extraction

Heparin sodium extraction

Heparin sodium extraction

Heparin sodium is an important Anticoagulant. Based on the anticoagulant principle, it can be used for both external and internal anticoagulation. No matter what type of anticoagulation, it needs to rely on the quality of heparin sodium. The prerequisite for controlling quality is to have excellent production and strict requirements at the source. In this regard, the following will focus on introducing the extraction of heparin sodium and related application precautions.


Extraction method of heparin sodium


According to research, there are various methods for extracting heparin sodium, among which the most common are the following three:


1. Animal derived heparin extraction: Heparin is mainly extracted from the lungs, intestines, and other tissues of animals (such as cows, pigs, etc.), and then subjected to enzymatic hydrolysis, precipitation, washing, and purification steps to prepare heparin sodium for use. This is also a commonly used extraction method by most manufacturers at present.


2. Fermentation method: Large scale fermentation production is carried out by microorganisms (such as fermentation bacteria), and heparin is extracted from the heparin binding substance in the culture medium. This method is relatively rare and generally requires low production requirements.


3. Synthetic method: In recent years, with the development of chemical technology, the method of artificially synthesizing heparin has gradually matured, and heparin can be obtained through synthetic methods. This method is generally used by more mature manufacturers, and its production process is relatively complex.


Application of heparin sodium


1. Anticoagulant therapy: As a Anticoagulant, heparin sodium can be prepared into drugs and widely used in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, Deep vein thrombosis and other diseases. Thrombosis can be prevented by inhibiting the activity of coagulation factors.


2. Blood anticoagulation treatment for blood collection: This anticoagulation is generally performed in vitro and mainly affects the blood. Blood treated with heparin sodium is suitable for various routine examinations in clinical practice.


3. Laboratory research: Heparin sodium is also used in certain experiments in biomedical research, such as blood agglutination inhibition experiments.


Precautions for extracting heparin sodium


1. High purity requirements: As a Anticoagulant, the purity and quality of heparin sodium are very important. During the extraction process, each step needs to be strictly controlled to ensure that the purity and quality of the product meet the standard requirements.


2. Optimization of reaction conditions: In response to the requirements of extraction methods, it is necessary to optimize reaction conditions, such as temperature, pH value, enzyme selection and concentration, in order to achieve high extraction efficiency and purity.


3. Extraction process monitoring: During the extraction process, key parameters such as heparin content and coagulation time should be regularly monitored to ensure the effectiveness of the extraction.


By using reasonable extraction methods and strict quality control, high-quality heparin sodium products can be obtained. Desheng, as a professional manufacturer of heparin sodium, is mainly extracted from the small intestinal mucosa of pigs, which is made into heparin sodium raw material and used as an in vitro Anticoagulant in test tubes. If you are interested, please contact us to purchase!