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Company News About heparin sodium for assay

heparin sodium for assay

heparin sodium for assay

Heparin sodium is a commonly used chemical reagent, as a natural polysaccharide compound, usually extracted from pig intestinal mucosa. Due to its high biological activity and anticoagulant properties, composed of glucosidic acid and lactic acid, and carrying a negative charge, it can bind to coagulation factors in the blood, thereby preventing coagulation reactions and preventing blood coagulation. These characteristics make it widely used in laboratories and medical fields. Below is a specific introduction to its use in laboratory testing.


Purpose of Heparin Sodium for Laboratory Use


1. Blood analysis: Heparin sodium is mainly present in blood collection vessels. If needed for testing, it is generally used for the collection and analysis of blood samples to prevent coagulation during the collection and preservation process, ensuring the stability and reliability of blood samples.


2. Coagulation research: Using heparin sodium during laboratory testing can measure coagulation time and detect the activity of coagulation factors, helping researchers understand their coagulation mechanisms.


3. Drug development: In addition to being used as an in vitro Anticoagulant, it can also be prepared for use as a drug. If medical heparin sodium is used in clinical tests, it is generally used to assess the impact of drugs on the coagulation system, as well as the safety and efficacy of drugs.


Precautions for using heparin sodium


1. Concentration control: When using heparin sodium, it is necessary to control its concentration to ensure the accuracy and consistency of its anticoagulant effect.


2. Storage conditions: It should be stored in a dry, cool environment, away from sunlight and high temperatures, avoiding contact with oxygen and moisture to prevent its degradation and failure.


3. Quality control: Relevant quality control standards and laboratory operating procedures need to be followed during use to ensure the effectiveness of experimental results.


Heparin sodium plays an important role in experiments such as blood analysis and coagulation research, making it an indispensable reagent in medical institutions. However, before use, it is necessary to pay attention to the stability of its quality and choose a reliable manufacturer for supply.


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