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Company News About Heparin sodium per kg price

Heparin sodium per kg price

Heparin sodium per kg price

Heparin sodium is an important chemical reagent that can be widely used as an additive for blood collection in clinical medicine, and also has a certain role in scientific research. The high level of its popularity represents market demand, which inevitably varies in price and is affected by various factors, such as production process, price, and manufacturer scale. Let's take a look at the factors that affect the price of heparin sodium per kilogram?


1. Production process: Heparin sodium is a reagent obtained by fine extraction and purification of natural heparin. Its production process is complex and requires advanced technology and equipment. The high investment in equipment increases costs, and the price of heparin sodium will also be affected.


2. Raw material cost: Its production requires a large amount of raw materials, including heparin from animals (such as pig intestinal mucosa). However, incomplete statistics are required. Only 3000 pigs can extract 1kg of heparin. If the number of live pigs is small, it is also an important factor affecting the price of heparin sodium.


3. Production scale: Production scale is another important factor affecting the price of heparin sodium. Mass production can reduce the production cost per unit product, thereby lowering the price of the product. Therefore, generally larger manufacturers are able to provide more competitive prices.


4. Market competition: As a commonly used Anticoagulant, the market competition is fierce, and the competition between different manufacturers will also affect the product price. In a highly competitive market, manufacturers may lower product prices to compete for market share.


5. Quality certification and standards: As a clinical reagent, heparin sodium must comply with strict quality certification and standards. Products that have passed quality certification and compliance standards are usually priced higher, but their quality and safety are also more guaranteed.


As an important Anticoagulant, heparin sodium is widely used in clinical medicine and scientific research. Its price per kilogram is affected by many factors. When choosing heparin sodium suppliers, in addition to price, everyone should also pay attention to product quality and supply capacity to ensure that the purchased products are safe, reliable, and meet the requirements.


As a raw material manufacturer of blood vessel additives, Desheng has always pursued quality first, so it strictly controls the quality of heparin sodium in the upper layer, fully protecting customer rights and interests. As a manufacturer, it can negotiate prices based on quantity, and the more orders placed, the greater the discount. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for purchase!