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Company News About History of heparin sodium as Anticoagulant in clinical field

History of heparin sodium as Anticoagulant in clinical field

History of heparin sodium as Anticoagulant in clinical field

Heparin Sodium is a Anticoagulant widely used in clinical and research fields. It has a long and rich history and originated in the early 20th century. In 1916, an American biochemist named Jay McLean first extracted an anticoagulant substance from pig lungs. He noticed that this substance had the effect of prolonging the clotting time of animal blood, and later became known as heparin.


1、 Naming of Heparin


McLean initially named this substance 'Heparin', which comes from the Greek word 'hepar'. He chose this name because at the time he believed that the liver might be the main source of heparin.


2、 Development of clinical applications


In 1935, American biochemists Karl Meyer and John M. Morehead successfully applied heparin to clinical anticoagulation therapy for the first time. They found that heparin can prevent and treat thrombosis and improve postoperative blood circulation.


3、 Discovery and Research Purification of Heparin Sodium


In 1939, Meyer and Morehead successfully extracted purer heparin through further research, which made the production and application of heparin more feasible and effective. Therefore, in the 1950s, researchers began to transform heparin into heparin sodium to improve its solubility and stability. It has a series of chemical properties and is widely used in clinical blood collection as an extracorporeal blood Anticoagulant.


4、 Improvement of preparation and production technology


Over time, the preparation and production techniques of heparin sodium have been continuously improved and optimized. By improving the extraction, purification, and crystallization processes, the purity and quality of heparin sodium have been improved. So its application fields are also constantly expanding. In addition to anticoagulant therapy and in vitro anticoagulant blood processing, heparin sodium is also widely used in fields such as cardiac surgery, hemodialysis, and laboratory research.


As an important Anticoagulant, heparin sodium has a long history and rich research results. Its discovery and development have gone through multiple stages, from the discovery of heparin to the preparation and technological improvement of heparin sodium, which has been widely applied in various fields, providing important support for improving detection efficiency and accuracy of results.


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