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Company News About Hot sale of Desheng nsp-dmae-nhs acridine ester products

Hot sale of Desheng nsp-dmae-nhs acridine ester products

Hot sale of Desheng nsp-dmae-nhs acridine ester products

The recent hot sale of acridine ester nsp-dmae-nhs is something I didn't think of. Why I didn't think of it is not because this product is not good, but because Desheng has developed and produced acridine ester products with six different groups, but only nsp-dmae-nhs has top sales.


As of yesterday, the warehouse has been cleared, which is also the product that has been cleared quickly since 2021. It has been replenished three times, but each time it can be sold out in a short time.


In recent years, the development of chemiluminescence is not only in the research and development of instruments, innovation, but also in the use of reagents. More advanced enterprises adopt the world's more mainstream luminescence reagent acridine ester, which is not only simple in labeling, high in luminous efficiency, but also its stability is incomparable with other luminescence reagents.


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Desheng also produces luminol series products, but there are some limitations compared with acridine ester. The luminous efficiency of acridine ester is 4-5 times that of luminol, and the labeling method of luminol is more complex than acridine ester. With the continuous progress of human beings, complex things think of simpler evolution and development.


Desheng nsp-dmae-nhs is a golden powder in the normal state. Its texture is very fine and bulky. Its purity is more than 98% by HPLC. It has no peculiar smell. The market feedback is good. Nsp-dmae-nhs is very stable at pH 7.0, and its water solubility test is added in this model, which can be carried out in water in the detection of antigen nucleic acid.


Compared with other acridine salts, acridine hydrazide and nsp-dmae-nhs have moderate price and better luminous efficiency. Desheng has a large stock and more favorable price. Desheng has a professional R & D team, such luminescent reagent products are developed and produced by our company, and the quality is guaranteed. The products can be repacked according to the needs of customers. Of course, due to the high value of acridine ester, small repacking will calculate the loss, and the price will be higher.