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Company News About How do you make Carbomer gel clear?

How do you make Carbomer gel clear?

How do you make Carbomer gel clear?

Carbomer is a white loose powder with strong hygroscopicity. Its molecular structure contains 52-68% acid group, so it has certain acidity. The pH of 1% aqueous dispersion is 0. Gel can be neutralized by alkaline substances. After carboxy group is ionized by carbomer neutralization, the molecular chain is dispersed and extended due to mutual repulsion of negative charges, showing a state of great expansion and viscosity. The effective thickening range of the hydrogel system is within PH5-10.


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Carbopol 940 gel

Carbopol 940 is a white powder crosslinked polyacrylic acid polymer. It is an extremely efficient rheological modifier, which can produce extremely high viscosity and form bright, transparent gel or hydrogel and cream. Carbopol 940 is also an effective water-soluble thickener. It can be used as an excellent suspending agent, stabilizer and emulsifier. Carbopol 940 can be used as a transparent matrix for high-grade cosmetics and pharmaceutical excipients. In cosmetic gel, water must be soaked or homogenized for a long time.


Because the combination of carbomer 940 and water has a swelling process, the time is too short to dissolve and agglomerate. Secondly, we need to see if other components in the system contain electrolytes. Many natural plant components basically have electrolytes, such as flower water, extract, plant extract and so on. When there are electrolytes, Carbopol 940 should be used.


Carbopol 940 configuring transparent gel process:

Because of the special structure of Carbopol 940, it causes water to expand easily, so it is necessary to set aside time for it to dissolve in water, otherwise the gel produced is easy to join.


1. First, add the proportioned Carbopol 940 into the beaker, then wet and pre disperse it with a little alcohol, and then soak it in 80 ℃ water. Even if it is not stirred for 4-6 hours, it is basically dissolved.


2. After preparation of carbomer solution, other components were mixed with carbomer solution and neutralized with tea to pH 6-7. Because it is not easy to control the amount of triethanolamine, the system will be diluted if it is a little too much, so it is recommended to dilute tea into 10% aqueous solution, add it with a dropper, and stir it while adding. When you see that the system is more and more transparent and the state is more and more thick, test the pH value.


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