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How does carbomer dissolve quickly in aloe vera gel?

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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How does carbomer dissolve quickly in aloe vera gel?
Latest company news about How does carbomer dissolve quickly in aloe vera gel?

Everyone has the love of beauty. When it comes to skin care, you have to mention aloe vera gel as the most versatile skin care product in the skin care industry. Aloe vera gel, the ingredients are extracted from a miraculous plant-aloe. Aloe vera juice contains a variety of nutrients and is widely used in daily life. However, the freshly extracted aloe vera has poor compatibility with the skin, fast volatilization and other characteristics, which are not suitable for direct application to the skin. It needs the assistance of another substance-carbomer. The two cannot be dissolved directly. Here is a preparation scheme of aloe vera gel and carbomer gel.



We need to use triethanolamine plus a little antibacterial agent to make the final aloe vera gel product can be stored longer. Put the carbomer powder into an empty jar and stir quickly until it is uniform. If there is agglomeration, use a stir bar to break it. Or just add half the amount of water, and add the rest before the antibacterial agent after the transparent gel is formed . Set aside and stir occasionally until the carbomer fully absorbs water and swells and no lumps are visible. It takes about 2 to 3 hours for the gel to fully expand and form. If you want to shorten the gel formation time, you can use the water-proof heating method, and stir while heating. It takes about 10 to 30 minutes.



Then add alkali to neutralize. Add slowly drop by drop, add and stir while measuring the pH value. At pH 7, it becomes a transparent gel. This step is very important and is the key to the success or failure of forming a transparent gel. When making the first time, it is best to add a drop of neutralizer-stir-measure the pH value, and repeat this step until the pH value reaches 7. This can be easily grasped When it comes to the preparation technology, the next step is very easy. Finally, add the antibacterial agent, stir evenly, pour into the extracted aloe vera gel, add glycerin, hyaluronic acid, polyglutamic acid and pure water to adjust the viscosity . In this way, the aloe vera gel is made.



Aloe gel itself is a very pure pure plant ingredient extracted from aloe. However, most of the transparent gel-like ingredients on the market are not aloe vera gel, but are made of water-added gels (carbomer, etc.). This kind of jelly-like, very transparent gel substance is actually made by adding a lot of water and chemical moisturizing ingredients: (Carbomer). According to different usage scenarios, there are 100% and 92% different components to choose from. When buying aloe vera gel products, you must pay attention to the ingredients and choose the one that suits you.



Desheng Biochemical is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the fields of life science and biotechnology. Based on the tenet of serving customers and serving scientific research, the company provides Chinese experts and scholars with a complete range of high-quality products. The carbomer, tris, Bicine, CAPS, MOPS, TAPS, HEPES, etc. produced have been widely used in life science basic research, development and application, biotechnology and many other fields.

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