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How does the chemiluminescence reagent represented by luminol acridinium ester work?

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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How does the chemiluminescence reagent represented by luminol acridinium ester work?

Chemiluminescence detection is a technique that allows detection with ultra-high sensitivity. The representative reagent is luminol acridinium ester. Chemiluminescence is a kind of luminescence phenomenon. After the substance absorbs external energy from electromagnetic waves, heat, friction, electric field or chemical reaction, it emits light of a specific wavelength without generating heat, and returns to the ground state from the excited state. When the source of absorbed energy is a chemical reaction, this phenomenon is called chemiluminescence. When light is absorbed by energy, this phenomenon is called photoluminescence, and this phenomenon includes fluorescence and phosphorescence. The light emitted by fireflies and deep-sea creatures is called bioluminescence.


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Figure 1 Chemiluminescence reaction caused by luminol

Talk about the characteristics of chemiluminescence detection. Chemiluminescence does not require a light source lamp (such as a xenon lamp) because the material is excited by the energy of the chemical reaction caused by the luminescent reagent. Like post-column derivatization, the luminescent reagent used for the chemical reaction is continuously added to the column eluent by the luminescent reagent delivery pump, and mixed with the column eluent in the mixer. When the luminescence reaches the highest intensity, the photomultiplier tube measures the luminescence caused by the chemical reaction. Coil tubes made of ductile fluoroplastics are often used as chemiluminescence flow cells because it allows the photomultiplier tube to receive as much emitted light as possible.

Examples of chemiluminescent reagents are as follows. There are two types of chemiluminescence reagents: direct luminescence reagents that are excited by the substance itself, and indirect luminescence reagents that stimulate another substance with energy from a chemical reaction. Chemiluminescence reagent. A typical example of this type of chemiluminescence reagent is luminol, which has been used to identify blood for many years. Chemiluminescence reaction caused by luminol. When a metal catalyst is present, luminol emits blue light (425 nm) in response to strong bases, oxidants (such as hydrogen peroxide) and heat. Luminol reaction can be used in HPLC to analyze peroxides (lipid peroxides, etc.) and metal-containing substances.

Desheng Biochemical is a manufacturer of chemiluminescence reagents. It started in 2005 and has a private R&D team with 2 doctoral students and 6 master students. Provide consumers with chemiluminescent reagents with a purity greater than 99.3%, covering luminol/3-aminophthalic hydrazide/luminol, luminol monosodium salt, isoluminol/4-aminophthaloyl Hydrazine, acridinium ester DMAE-NHS, acridinium ester NSP-DMAE-NHS, acridinium salt NSP-SA, acridinium salt NSP-SA-NHS, acridinium hydrazide NSP-SA-ADH, acridinium ester ME-DMAE -NHS. If you have any needs, please contact us.

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