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Company News About How heparin lithium works as an anticoagulant

How heparin lithium works as an anticoagulant

How heparin lithium works as an anticoagulant

How heparin lithium works as an anticoagulant


    In clinical work, the treatment after collecting blood samples is one of the important detection steps. Its treatment methods include anticoagulation and coagulation promotion, so that the processed blood samples can meet the requirements of various biochemical detection items in clinical practice. Among them, anticoagulant reagents include heparin, potassium EDTA, potassium oxalate, etc. Although they have the same effect, their working principles are fundamentally different, especially the working principles of heparin. Next, we will focus on how heparin lithium works as an anticoagulant.


    Heparin-like anticoagulants mainly include heparin lithium and heparin sodium. However, compared with the two, heparin lithium will have more advantages, and its price will naturally be more expensive than heparin sodium. However, it will be better in terms of anticoagulant performance and widely used, so it is also considered as an ideal anticoagulant in blood testing.


    As an anticoagulant, its working principle is mainly realized by affecting the coagulation process:


    1. First, the activity of antithrombin is increased by controlling the formation of prothrombin activator.


    2. Heparin and antithrombin 3 combine to form a revivant, while AT - Ⅲ is a serine protease inhibitor, which can inactivate coagulation factors XII a, XI a and X a with serine protease activity.


    3. At the same time, because it accelerates the inactivation of coagulation factors, it can affect thrombin, and heparin can prevent platelet adhesion and aggregation, thus preventing platelet decomposition and releasing platelet factor 3 and serotonin.


    4. The structure of antithrombin has changed, so these coagulation factors can not participate in the coagulation process, and inhibit these coagulation factors to play a normal role, so as to achieve the purpose of anticoagulation.


    From the above points, the main working principle of heparin lithium as an anticoagulant is to influence the coagulation process, so as to prevent blood coagulation from the source and achieve the purpose of clinical experiment.


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