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Company News About How long can the virus survive on objects after leaving the human body?

How long can the virus survive on objects after leaving the human body?

How long can the virus survive on objects after leaving the human body?

With the arrival of an epidemic, let us understand how terrible the invasion of the virus is, our understanding of it is limited to know that it is highly infectious, will lead to our loss of life, but that is to say, let us smell pale. So we should learn more about it and take corresponding measures to reduce its harm to us. The virus does great harm to us in the human body. Either we can defeat it or it can defeat us. How long will it survive after it leaves our body?


According to the NHS website, the survival time of the virus after leaving the human body depends on the surface condition of the object it is attached to, as well as environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. on the whole:


The virus has a relatively long survival time on non permeable (waterproof) surfaces such as stainless steel and plastic.


The survival time of the virus on the permeable surface such as fiber fabric and paper towel is relatively short.

The survival time of different kinds of viruses is also different. Some viruses can survive on the surface of indoor objects for more than 7 days, but their pathogenicity will be significantly reduced within 24 hours.

Therefore, the elevator buttons, door handles and other places need to be more careful!


Influenza virus can survive in the form of droplets in the air for several hours, low temperature will increase its viability.


Influenza virus in the hands of survival time is very short, about five minutes the number of viruses on the hands will drop to a very low level.


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Elevator button risk is relatively high, because these places are high frequency contact.


There are three corresponding strategies

First, increase the frequency of disinfection appropriately;

Second, it can be separated with tissue paper or disinfectant tissue, hands do not directly touch it;

Third, after touching it, use hand disinfectant to rub hands and do a good job in hand hygiene.

There are many community elevators more tissue or disposable gloves, so that fingers do not directly touch the elevator button. Does it really work?


Some experts said that if the paper towel is exposed in the closed space for a long time, if there is a virus carrier going in and out of the elevator, the exposed part of the paper towel will still have the risk of virus attachment, which will become a new source of infection. Washing hands in time after taking the elevator is the most scientific protective measure. It is also very important to disinfect the elevator as many times a day as possible.

Take the elevator to pay attention to: avoid crowding, avoid long-time ride, reduce joking and phone calls in the elevator.


We should learn to protect ourselves and others, so that we can eliminate these viruses faster. Don't let others pay for your mistakes.