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Company News About How luminol helps criminal investigation

How luminol helps criminal investigation

How luminol helps criminal investigation

I suspect that many display skills to the full play of the classic criminal investigation forensic TV series, such as forensic pioneer, legal life, and many other Hong Kong dramas. People usually suspect that they will clean up their blood after the crime and try to get more opportunities to get rid of their crimes. At this time, Lumino is the time to show his talents. The iron in blood immediately catalyzes the chemiluminescence reaction of luminol and makes it produce blue light. Because of its high efficiency and convenient use, luminol has been widely used in some criminal investigation cases.


Luminol, also known as luminol. In forensic medicine, the luminol reaction can identify blood stains that have been scrubbed for a long time. In biology, luminol is used to detect the presence of copper, iron and cyanide in cells. At room temperature is a blue crystal or pale yellow powder, is a relatively stable synthetic organic compounds. The chemical formula is c8h7n3o2.

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At the same time, luminol is a kind of strong acid, which can stimulate eyes, skin and respiratory tract. Hemoglobin contains iron, which can catalyze the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, turning hydrogen peroxide into water and monooxygen, which then oxidizes luminol to make it glow. Therefore, luminol is widely used in criminal investigation, bioengineering, chemical tracing and other fields.


Although the dosage of luminol is relatively small and it is not difficult to detect, we should pay attention to some problems when using luminol. Here are some matters needing attention when using luminol for formal investigation.


1. Luminol fluoresces in the presence of iron, ferroalloys, horseradish or some bleaching agents. So if the crime scene is completely bleached, luminol's fluorescence will strongly mask the presence of any blood stains.


2. Luminol may interfere with other tests, but luminol does not interfere with DNA extraction.


3. The use of luminol needs to be in a dark environment, which makes it easier to make a more accurate judgment with the naked eye.


4. Luminol luminescent time is limited, we should seize the time to take photos and record.


5. The illumination lasts about 30 seconds, which can be seen from long exposure photos. The surrounding environment should not be too bright.


Currently, the blood test reagent luminol produced and developed by Desheng is very mature, with the advantages of high sensitivity and high luminous efficiency. It plays an important role in criminal investigation cases, and also meets the needs of many criminal investigation enthusiasts to carry out chemiluminescence experiments by themselves. Luminol can not only be used as blood test in criminal investigation, but also can be used for chemiluminescence immunoassay.