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How much do you know about the "universal" use of Tris?

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China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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How much do you know about the "universal" use of Tris?
Latest company news about How much do you know about the "universal" use of Tris?

The full name of Tris in Chinese is Tris, CAS77-86-1, which is an important biological buffer and a reference material for acid titration, and has an extremely wide range of social applications. At present, there is a lot of information on the application of Tris in the fields of biochemistry and medicine, but in fact, Tris is also widely used in various researches. This article will summarize the uses of Tris.

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Biological buffer:

The most well-known application of Tris is as a solvent for nucleic acids and proteins and as a biological buffer. Tris-HCl, NaCl, tween20 these three substances can form a TBST buffer, which is a commonly used washing buffer in Western Blotting; Tris-HCl can be made into TE buffer by adding EDTA to it, which can be used for DNA stability and Storage; Replace the acid solution that adjusts the pH value with acetic acid to obtain TAE buffer, and change to boric acid to obtain TBE buffer. These two buffers are often used in nucleic acid electrophoresis experiments.


Tris itself is alkaline. Only the Tris-HCl buffer system can be used to prepare buffers with a pH range from acidic to alkaline. The method is relatively simple, and it can also be combined with other substances to form a variety of buffer systems; it can interfere with biochemical processes. It is small and does not precipitate with calcium, magnesium ions and heavy metal ions. However, the pH value of Tris buffer is greatly affected by the concentration and temperature of the solution. When diluted ten times, the pH value of the buffer changes more than 0.1. For every degree of temperature rise, the pH value drops by 0.03; at the same time, it easily absorbs CO2 in the air. Therefore, the prepared buffer should be tightly sealed.



Surfactant refers to a substance that can significantly change the interface state of the solution system by adding a small amount, and has a fixed hydrophilic and lipophilic group, which can be aligned on the surface of the solution. The application of surfactants can be divided into civil and industrial applications. Two-thirds of civil surfactants are used in personal protection products, and industrial surfactants are the sum of surfactants used in various industrial fields other than civil surfactants.


The molecular structure of surfactants is amphiphilic: one end is a hydrophilic group, the other end is a hydrophobic group; the hydrophilic group is often a polar group, such as carboxylic acid, sulfonic acid, sulfuric acid, amino or amine group and Its salt, hydroxyl group, amide group, ether bond, etc. can also be used as polar hydrophilic groups; while hydrophobic groups are often non-polar hydrocarbon chains, such as hydrocarbon chains with more than 8 carbon atoms. Tris contains three hydroxyl groups and one amino group, both of which are good hydrophilic groups. Therefore, Tris is also an important intermediate for the synthesis of surfactants.


Vulcanization accelerator

Vulcanization accelerator is a substance that can promote vulcanization, which can shorten the vulcanization time, lower the vulcanization temperature, reduce the amount of vulcanizing agent and improve the physical and mechanical properties of rubber. The accelerator with Tris as the intermediate is mainly used as the hardener of resin and coating; also used in the ink of printed circuit board, electrical insulating material, resin mold, screen printing coating, mold, adhesive, lining Materials and plastic stabilizers, etc.


Drugs and intermediates:

In the medical field, the application of Tris is mainly divided into pharmaceutical intermediates and medicine. Tris is an intermediate of fosfomycin tromethamine. Fosfomycin tromethamine is a broad-spectrum antibacterial drug marketed in the late 1980s. Its bioavailability is comparable to that of the commonly used antimicrobial fosfomycin calcium. 3~6 times, more suitable for the treatment of urinary tract infections and other diseases.


Tris is also a drug used to treat blood diseases, and can be used for acute metabolic acidosis and acute respiratory acidosis. As a sodium-free amino buffer base, it combines with H2CO3 in body fluids to generate bicarbonate. Therefore, it can buffer acid and reduce CO2 tension, and has the dual effect of correcting acute respiratory acidosis and metabolic acidosis. Its effect is faster and stronger than sodium bicarbonate. It is especially suitable for patients with heart failure and acidosis. It is also suitable for the rescue of hypothermic anesthesia, shock and cardiac arrest. After organ transplantation, this drug can be used to treat ischemic intracellular acidosis. .


Chemical reducing agent:

Tris has three equal hydroxyl groups and can be used as a good reducing agent. Some researchers use Tris as a reducing agent to reduce the chloroauric acid solution by ultrasound under alkaline conditions without adding other stabilizers to prepare relatively stable gold nanoparticles, realizing environmentally friendly and biocompatible gold nanoparticles Synthesis of gold nanoparticles. The experimental conditions are mild, the operation is simple and easy, and it is green and pollution-free, low-toxic and low-cost.


Tris is widely used, from laboratory biochemical experiments, to industrialized mass production, to daily necessities, it is indispensable. Speaking of its toxicity, it is a piece of cake compared to some daunting reagents, but the deep erosion has to be prevented. Tris can be harmful to the body through inhalation, ingestion, and skin absorption. Therefore, for field experimenters, wearing gloves and goggles during operation is an effective protective measure, and safe production can be used with confidence.


Desheng is a professional manufacturer of biological buffer raw materials, and Tris is the company's main advantage product. Desheng’s main product biological buffer is a kind of alcohol and ammonia fine chemicals with special characteristics. It does not participate in and does not interfere with the biochemical process. It can be used as a buffer system for life science research to provide a stable pH environment for experiments. Desheng biological buffer Agents are widely used in in vitro diagnostics, biopharmaceuticals, biological cosmetics, coatings and paints and other industries. Due to the high buffering efficiency and quality of the products, there are now dozens of stable customers. Desheng provides one-stop procurement services. If you need it, please click on the official website to consult customer service.

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