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Company News About How much in vitro diagnostic reagents can be bought for 40 billion?

How much in vitro diagnostic reagents can be bought for 40 billion?

How much in vitro diagnostic reagents can be bought for 40 billion?

How much is RMB 40 billion? I believe that most people, like me, are a relatively abstract concept, simply a big number. Suppose you win 5 million prizes in the lottery, and you win 8,000 times. If it is used to buy in vitro diagnostic reagents, how much can you buy?


How much serum separation gel can be bought for 40 billion?
Usually the price of domestic serum separation gel is tens to one or two hundred per kilogram. If we calculate at 100 yuan per kilogram, 40 billion can buy 400 million kilograms of separation gel. Separating glue is generally 25 kilograms per barrel, and the barrel is about half a meter high. These barrels of separating glue can be connected to 8 million meters, which is a thousand times the height of Mount Everest and 800 times the depth of the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the earth.


How much can be done if these separating glues are added to the vacuum blood collection tube? Generally, coagulation tubes or anticoagulation tubes with a blood collection volume of 3-5mL add 0.8-1.2g of separation gel. We calculate by adding 1g separation gel per tube. These separation gels can be made into 400 billion blood collection tubes with a tube length of 10 cm. , Then these blood collection tubes can be connected from the earth to the moon back and forth 50 times, and can also go around the earth's equator 1,000 times, and weave a scarf for the earth.


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In Vitro Diagnostic Reagents
How much heparin can be bought for 40 billion?
If you think the separation glue is not intuitive enough, then use 40 billion to buy heparin, the price of this is much higher. We calculate at a price of about 100 yuan per gram. The money can buy 400,000 kilograms of heparin. On average, 1300 pig small intestines can extract 1 kilogram of heparin. This heparin needs to sacrifice 520 million pigs. These pigs are 4.3 of the total population of Japan. It is 1.6 times the total population of the United States and 70% of the entire European population! My goodness, if so many pig small intestines are used to extract heparin, the remaining pork is even more unimaginable.


Of course, we can’t really spend 40 billion to buy separation gel or heparin. There are many in vitro diagnostic reagents that are more expensive than heparin, such as chemiluminescence reagent acridinium ester and enzyme preparations, antigen-antibody protein preparations, and the price is even higher than that of heparin. The milligram calculation is far more than that of gold, but usually the amount of these reagents is not much at one time, so the entire supporting products involved are also many. Desheng is a manufacturer engaged in the research and development of blood testing and virus testing related reagents, and welcomes the cooperation of in vitro diagnostic reagent companies.