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Company News About How much is carbomer 940

How much is carbomer 940

How much is carbomer 940

Carbomer 940 is a thickening agent and gel used widely in the daily chemical industry. It includes sterile disinfectant gel and carbomer. Moreover, the temperature has dropped rapidly recently, the epidemic has a tendency to rebound, and the demand for carbomer has also increased. What is the price now?


Carbomer 940 is commonly used in the carbomer series, because skin feels good, thickening, viscosity and transparency are very suitable for skin care products such as creams, wash hands and hand sanitizers. Although there are many manufacturers producing Carbomer, due to its various uses, the quality and grade of carbomer used in different products are different, so the price is also obviously different.

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Take Desheng carbomer 940 as the raw material of daily chemicals as an example. If it is a ton, the price is about 130 per kilogram. The same Carbomer, the same concentration of products with different gel transparency, the raw material prices are also different. The products with excellent thickening performance and high transparency also include carbomer of Lubrizol. However, because they are imported products, the price is relatively high, and they do not need to be purchased from retail agents, so the supply is not flexible enough.


Although there are many domestic producers of Carbomer, although the price is lower, there is still a certain gap between the quality of many products and those imported. Especially for high-end cosmetics, the cost of raw materials is not high, and the cost of carbomer is less. Therefore, the carbomer with better quality is preferred as the raw material of gel or cream. This is why before the epidemic, most manufacturers used imported carbomer raw materials, and the imported carbomer began to use domestic raw materials only when the epidemic was limited.


There are also some carbomer prices due to different grades. For example, in the field of material industry, the price of carbomer leak proof adhesive modified by decoration materials is much lower; In the pharmaceutical field, Carbomer used as pharmaceutical excipients has higher grade and higher price than that used in cosmetics.


It can be seen that the same is carbomer 940. The price difference is relatively large for different grades and quality. Desheng's carbomer 940 is used for cosmetics and pharmaceutical accessories.