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Company News About How much is Carbomer now? Less than $20 is enough

How much is Carbomer now? Less than $20 is enough

How much is Carbomer now? Less than $20 is enough

Some time ago, Carbomer can be described as crazy, once there was a state of price and no goods. In the final analysis, this is inseparable from its own value. Because it is a kind of polyacrylic acid cross-linked polymer, mainly used in our daily chemical products, a wide range of uses, which led to a shortage of the market.


Now more and more enterprises have joined the industry of producing Carbomer, which leads to the price fluctuation of carbomer. Although the fluctuation range is not very large compared with before, there are many practical problems related to the process. If you want to buy a lot of products at a price you want to spend a lot of time and experience.


Now there is good news to tell you, not only can let you buy good products, but also can have a close price.

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Desheng company now introduces carbomer 940 and carbomer 980, which are sufficient in stock, and the price is reduced to the ton level price of 19.8 US dollars / kg, which is enough. Manufacturers direct sales, spot direct supply, avoid the price difference between middlemen and buy carbomer in the end. Moreover, the carbomer powder produced by us is obviously white, and the powder is more fluffy and delicate. In the configuration of solvent, the transparency is much higher than that of similar products. As Desheng is a direct manufacturer, individual indicators can also be customized.


On the basis of such preferential treatment, we have a strong after-sales team in addition to the price advantage. Our R & D team will help you solve any doubts about the product. Don't doubt our integrity, because our service tenet of Desheng is: we will not hesitate to undertake the problems that belong to us; we will try our best to help customers solve the problems that do not belong to us.