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Company News About How much is the price of heparin sodium per kilogram?

How much is the price of heparin sodium per kilogram?

How much is the price of heparin sodium per kilogram?

Heparin sodium, as an important raw material in the pharmaceutical industry, has always been a subject of market attention due to its price fluctuations. Many consumers and businesses will find that there is a significant difference in the price of heparin sodium in the market, which actually hides various reasons behind it. As a manufacturer, Desheng has a deep understanding of the fluctuations in the price of heparin sodium. Next, we will discuss in detail the key factors that affect the price of heparin sodium.

Firstly, the type difference of heparin sodium is one of the important factors determining its price. At present, there are various types of heparin sodium on the market, mainly divided into ordinary heparin, low molecular weight heparin, and vacuum anticoagulant heparin. These different types of heparin sodium have different production processes, uses, and quality requirements. For example, ordinary heparin and low molecular weight heparin are commonly used for human treatment or injection, with strict production requirements and high quality control standards, resulting in relatively high prices. The price of heparin sodium used in vacuum blood collection is relatively low due to its use in vitro, but the price per kilogram will also be determined based on the potency of the product.

Secondly, the raw materials and potency of heparin sodium are also key factors affecting the price. Different manufacturers may use different raw materials when producing heparin sodium, some using imported raw materials, while others use domestic raw materials. The price of imported raw materials is relatively high, so the price of heparin sodium produced using imported raw materials will also increase accordingly. In addition, the potency of heparin sodium is also an important factor determining its price. The higher the potency, the better the anticoagulant effect of the product, and the higher the price. At present, the potency of heparin sodium produced by Desheng is between 150IU-180IU, which can meet the needs of different customers.

Furthermore, the extraction process of heparin sodium has also had a certain impact on the price. The extraction of sodium heparin mainly comes from animal liver organs, especially the key parts of the pig small intestine. However, the extraction process is cumbersome and costly, requiring a significant amount of manpower and material resources. According to data research, extracting 1 kilogram of heparin to prepare sodium heparin requires approximately 3000 pig livers. This high extraction cost undoubtedly increases the production cost of heparin sodium, which in turn affects its price. In addition, market fluctuations in pork prices can also have a certain impact on the price of heparin sodium. Once the price of pork increases, the extraction cost of heparin sodium will also correspondingly increase, leading to an increase in price.

Finally, we also need to note that the supply and demand relationship in the market can have an impact on the price of heparin sodium. When market demand exceeds supply, prices often rise; When there is an oversupply, prices may fall. Therefore, as consumers or merchants, when purchasing heparin sodium, it is also necessary to pay attention to the market supply and demand situation in order to make purchases at the appropriate time.

In summary, the price of heparin sodium is influenced by various factors, including product type, raw materials and potency, extraction process, and market supply and demand relationship. Therefore, we cannot simply attribute the high or low prices to the manufacturer's problem. As consumers or merchants, when choosing heparin sodium, they should consider the above factors comprehensively and choose products with high cost-effectiveness. If you have any relevant needs or questions, please contact Desheng for consultation and ordering.