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How much is the price of heparin sodium per kilogram?

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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How much is the price of heparin sodium per kilogram?
Latest company news about How much is the price of heparin sodium per kilogram?

How much is the price of heparin sodium per kilogram?


    Recently, some people in the market have been asking about the price of heparin sodium. Desheng, as a manufacturer, has also heard from customers that "the price difference of heparin sodium is too big". In fact, the price difference is very normal. Because its price is affected by many external factors, such as type, output and potency, which are the key to determine the price, how much is it per kilogram? Let's give you a detailed introduction.


    If you want to know the specific price of one kilogram, you need to look at it from different aspects. The technology of producing heparin sodium varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and the natural price will also be adjusted according to the actual situation. The main factors affecting the kilogram price of heparin sodium are as follows:


    1、 The type difference of heparin determines the price


    There are various types of heparin on the market, which are mainly divided into ordinary heparin, low molecular weight heparin and vacuum anticoagulant heparin. Generally, ordinary heparin and low-molecular-weight heparin are often prepared into drugs for human treatment or injection. The production requirements and product quality control are very strict. The price per kilogram is several times higher than that of other heparin.


    The heparin sodium used in vacuum blood collection is generally lower than the heparin injected into human body because it is used in vitro, but this does not mean that the price is low. It will determine the price of kg according to the potency.


    2、 The raw material and potency of heparin sodium determine the price


    Because many manufacturers use different raw materials, their prices will also vary greatly, such as imported and domestic. If the purchase manufacturer uses imported materials, its selling price will naturally increase as a whole. In addition, potency is also a decisive factor in the price of heparin sodium. Most manufacturers also sell heparin sodium based on potency. The higher the potency is, the more expensive the price is. At present, the potency of Desheng is between 150IU-180IU.


    3、 The extraction of heparin sodium determines the price


    In the early stage, it was mainly extracted from animal liver organs, and then gradually extended to the key part of pig small intestine. Through data research, it is found that only 3000 pigs can extract 1 kg of heparin to prepare heparin sodium, and the price of pork is subject to market fluctuations. Once adjusted, the price of heparin sodium in kg will also be affected.


    The price of 1kg of heparin sodium is greatly influenced by the outside world. You can't just refer to one manufacturer, and don't think that the high price is the problem of the manufacturer. You can investigate it from the above aspects. Desheng is a manufacturer specializing in producing heparin sodium in China, which is mainly used as an anticoagulant in vitro in blood collection. The price can be ordered according to different needs of customers. If you have relevant requirements, please click the website for consultation!

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