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Company News About How to buy silicification agent for blood collection

How to buy silicification agent for blood collection

How to buy silicification agent for blood collection

How to buy silicification agent for blood collection


     As a commonly used treatment reagent in test tubes, silicifying agent is particularly attractive in the market because of its role in promoting the smoothness of tube wall. Many manufacturers have also taken advantage of their product advantages to join in the production of silicifying agent. This is a good thing as well as a bad thing for buyers, which means that there are more opportunities to choose from, but the quality of products will vary and the price will vary. At this time, how to purchase silicified agent has become a headache, so I will introduce the precautions in the purchase process in detail for your reference.


     1、 Silicifying agent manufacturer


     Many people are willing to choose manufacturers to supply products in batches, which can not only ensure that the quality of products can be solved at the source, but also the price can be negotiated and adjusted. However, if you encounter "middlemen" who claim to be manufacturers, they mainly make profits and will not make profits on the price. This should be clear when you buy.


     2、 Quality of silicifying agent


     Product quality is an important factor to be considered in the purchase process. As a treatment reagent for blood collection, the requirements for silicifying agent are more strict. It must ensure stable performance, not easy to react with other additives, and the prepared water silicon solution should be transparent when sprayed into the test tube. Therefore, when purchasing, we should pay attention to it. We can ask for sample test first, and then choose to purchase if the test meets the requirements.


     3、 Service standard


     The price, quality and service are interlinked. The purchase of any product can not completely guarantee that there is no problem. The most important thing is to have perfect services, including pre-sale and after-sales services. Before sales, you can look at the consulting attitude, and after sales, you need to focus on the guarantee that the team can provide, such as whether the product is returned or replaced, so as to avoid the phenomenon that the quality problem of the goods cannot be solved.


    4、 Supply of silicifying agent


    Due to the different production cycles of different manufacturers, many businesses do not have stock or need to book in advance. In addition, the production equipment or process of some manufacturers cannot keep up, which will also lead to the shortage of goods. Therefore, you need to consult the delivery time and supply quantity in advance when purchasing. If it is in stock, you can choose the manufacturer to buy.


    Desheng, as a Chinese manufacturer of silicified agent, has an independent warehouse and a professional R&D team. Its product types include water silicon and oil silicon, which are produced and sold by itself, and there is no price difference between middlemen. Moreover, the production of all batches of products is supervised by the quality control, so it can be purchased and used with complete confidence. If you are interested, please click the website for consultation!