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How to choose carbomer factory?

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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How to choose carbomer factory?

Since the spread of the new crown virus, the importance of hand disinfection has been greatly improved compared with that before. Carbomer, as an important component of the hand sanitizer gel, is naturally favored by the market. Now there are more and more manufacturers of carbomer in China. Large families are aiming at this bonus market and are prepared to make a big effort to make up for all kinds of enterprises during the epidemic. The loss situation, with so many kapham manufacturers rushing to come, buyers are puzzled. How can we find reliable manufacturers?

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Here we need to tell you the purchase of Desheng carbomer products need to pay attention to a few points, you can refer to, avoid detours.

1. Understand the different models of carbomer

There are many types of Carbomer, such as carbomer 980, Carbomer 940, Carbomer 934, Carbomer 941 and so on. Some of the differences between models are big and some are small. Therefore, we need to judge what we need according to our own needs. Different Desheng carbomer models have different uses, which are mainly divided into the following aspects: daily chemicals, food, pharmaceutical accessories, etc. It will save a lot of time if the buyer has a clear awareness of the needs and knows what products Desheng capom is used for.

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2. Know the manufacturer of carbomer

First of all, ask at least three suppliers for prices and compare them. In a word: a 5% reduction in purchasing cost is equivalent to a 20% increase in profit. Then, it is also important to pay attention to the reliability of the supplier's product quality while looking at the price!


Next is the delivery date. See if the supplier's delivery date is within your acceptance range. If you can get the supplier to give you a certain safety stock, that would be better!


Finally, service, whether the communication with suppliers is smooth. What kind of service the supplier promises to provide. If you only sell products without services, I believe you will not buy them again. You need to conduct a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of suppliers, including their strengths, weaknesses, problems, threats, etc. Thus, the company's strategy is organically combined with the internal resources and external environment of the company.


①. The accuracy of the product content and various parameters is guaranteed, and the parameter table is provided, which can be compared and verified by customers.

②. Ensure the continuous spot supply within the customer's demand, which will not affect the normal use of customers.

③. If there are no special circumstances, the freight of all products will be borne by our company.

④. Except for special models, all products of the company have intellectual property certificate, so customers can use them at ease.

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