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Company News About How to dissolve blood collection anticoagulant heparin sodium salt

How to dissolve blood collection anticoagulant heparin sodium salt

How to dissolve blood collection anticoagulant heparin sodium salt


When we enter the hospital to check the disease, the doctor will first conduct blood tests, and then judge the condition according to the blood test results. As a routine examination in medical institutions, it not only depends on supporting analytical instruments, but also needs to be supplemented by some additives to improve the overall efficiency. Heparin sodium is a common anticoagulant in blood analysis. Because of its good anticoagulant effect and no effect on blood cells, it is widely used in clinical detection.


Heparin is mostly extracted from pig intestinal mucosa, and then purified, filtered and dried to obtain a powder like substance. When using, the powder needs to be prepared into a solution, and then sprayed on the inner wall of the test tube, which can play an anticoagulant effect. Then, how to dissolve the solution prepared from powder? The following is a detailed introduction to the dissolution methods and steps of heparin sodium salt. You can refer to the completion of dissolution.


Dissolution method and steps:


1. Prepare the balance, select the required volumetric flask, beaker and deionized water according to the requirements, and then weigh them. Weigh the heparin sodium powder determined in advance, and pay attention to the accuracy of 1/10000. Then pour the powder into the volumetric flask to ensure that the volumetric flask is clean and free of impurities.


2. Use distilled water or deionized water for dissolution. First add a certain amount of deionized water into the beaker, slowly stir with a glass rod while adding water, and wait for full dissolution. During dissolution, pay attention to the control of water consumption, and leave a certain volume for subsequent cleaning containers, otherwise the concentration of heparin will decrease.


3. After the heparin sodium is completely dissolved, the volume shall be fixed, the line of sight shall be kept at the same level with the scale line of the volumetric flask, and the deionized water shall be slowly added along the neck wall of the volumetric flask with the washing flask until the scale line is reached.


4. Evenly mix, press the cork with your hand until the volumetric flask is sealed, hold the bottom, and turn it upside down slowly for 5-8 times.


The above is the dissolution method of heparin sodium salt, which is mainly to use deionized water for dissolution, and then prepare a solution with a certain concentration and content to add to the blood collection tube. Pay attention to the prepared solution, and do not store it for a long time to avoid breeding bacteria and affecting the experimental effect.


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