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Company News About How To Get Refined Heparin?

How To Get Refined Heparin?

How To Get Refined Heparin?

How To Get Refined Heparin?

    For many people, heparin is a medicine. In fact, in addition to medicinal purposes, heparin has many other usages, such as made into additives for in vitro diagnosis,biochemical testing, blood collection and storage, or used as raw material of cosmetics. These heparins are purified and processed to refined heparin before using.


Sourcing of Heparin

    The name of heparin is called because it was originally found in the liver. It is a natural anticoagulant substance exist in many organs of mammals, with the highest content in the lung and intestinal mucosa. Heparin is a kind of aminodextran sulfate extracted and refined from pig intestinal mucosa or bovine lung. It is a mixture with a molecular weight range of 3000-30000KD and an average of about 15000KD. Unfractionated heparin fission into aminodextran sulfate fragment,witch are low molecular weight heparin calcium enoxaparin and dalteparin with average molecular weight range of 3000-8000KD.


Prepare Crude Heparin

    After fresh pig intestines (or after the natural thawing of frozen pig intestines) are carefully washed with water, enzymolysis is carried out: first,the raw materials are carefully adjusted to the pH value of 8-9 with a small amount of dilute lye under full stirring. Second,enzymatic hydrolysis at 37-40 degrees for 3-4 hours. Third,add about 5% of the total weight of the liquid (containing NaCL 95% min, calcium magnesium calcium salt 0.5% max) to mix evenly, then warming up to 90 degrees and keep for 30 minutes, finely filter. After adjusting the filtrate’s PH around 9.0-9.5, ion exchange adsorption treatment is carried out. Forth,elution, suction filtration, combined supernatant and filtrate, then adjusting PH range to 6.0-6.5, added 1.5 times the amount of 95% ethanol to precipitate overnight. the next day, carefully dried and sucked out the supernatant, collected the lower sediment, suction filtered to dryness (The original liquor can be used in the eluent before adjusting the pH value). After vacuum drying, rough heparin is obtained.


Configure Refined Heparin

    Completely dissolving the crude heparin in 2% sodium chloride solution to make a solvent with a solubility of about 8%. The temperature can be appropriately raised to help dissolve during this process. Adjusting the PH of above solvent to 8.0-8.2 with 5mol/L sodium hydroxide solution, and raising temperature to 78-80 degrees, then adding 0.15-0.2mol/L potassium permanganate solution for oxidation. Finely filtrated by sterilizing filter, precipitated with 3-4 times of 95% ethanol.Last but not least, dehydrate with acetone, grind to fine, and dry in far-infrared vacuum (50-60 degrees) to obtain fine heparin sodium.


    It can be seen from the above that the fined heparin sodium can be obtained from crude heparin after further refining.Hubei New Desheng Material Technology Co.,ltd is specialized in heparin used for blood tube collection, enoxaparin and cosmetic.For more information, pls contact visit our website.