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How to judge the quality of Carbomer 940

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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How to judge the quality of Carbomer 940
Latest company news about How to judge the quality of Carbomer 940

At present, due to the continuous epidemic of foreign epidemics, most imported raw materials are restricted, but the related demand is very large. Carbomer 940 is one of them. Many companies in the market are looking for products, and the quality of domestic production is also uneven, so how to judge the quality of carbomer products?


Carbomer 940 is a very common product of Carbomer series. It has good thickening, high transparency, high viscosity and strong suspending ability. It is widely used in skin care lotions, creams, It is used as emulsifier, suspending agent, thickener and gelling agent in transparent gel products. Due to the important role of carbomer in daily chemical products and the extreme shortage of imported raw materials, many domestic manufacturers began to produce carbomer products, but not every product can meet the demand. Refer to the following methods to easily determine the quality of Carbomer 940 products:


1. From the appearance, high-quality carbomer should be white loose powder, or slightly yellowish, if the color is darker, it means that the product is not pure enough to contain color impurities.

2. In terms of hand feel, carbomer 940 should be lighter and looser. Because its molecules are highly polymerized long chains, the molecules are looser. If the product powder is loose and relatively compact, it means that acrylic acid polymerization control Poor, uneven degree of polymerization or different molecular size, etc .; this way the product is relatively poor in shear resistance, gel transparency and thickening.

3. In terms of odor, since carbomer itself is polyacrylic acid or polycarboxyvinyl, containing acidic carboxyl groups, the polymer is also not volatile, and only has a weak acid odor; if the taste is heavier or has other odors, it may be produced Solvent remains during the drying process.

4. From the transparency of the gel, after dissolving with water or ethanol, the gel formed should be transparent and clear, and the gel is uniform. If the gel is turbid and the light transmission is poor, it will seriously affect the use.


The above is the initial method of judging the quality of Carbomer 940 based on the experience of the production and sales process of Desheng. However, in the process of reagent R&D, it is still necessary to make the final judgment through testing and performance in specific products; In addition to the advantages of synthetic technology, our company also strictly conforms to the ISO9001 management system in the production management of the Carbomer series, which also guarantees the long-term stability of product quality!

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