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How to make carbomer powder gel?

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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How to make carbomer powder gel?

Carbomer 940 is a kind of highly hydrophilic anionic polymer. It is a white loose powder with strong hygroscopicity. It can rapidly swell in water, but it does not dissolve. The pH value of 1% aqueous dispersion is about 2.5 ~ 3.5, and its viscosity is low. When neutralized by alkali, the viscosity gradually increases with the gradual dissolution of macromolecules, forming a clear solution at low concentration, forming a semitransparent gel at a relatively large concentration. PH 6.5 ~ 7 has the greatest viscosity and consistency. When the dispersing solution of polymer glue is neutralized with alkali, a transparent and stable gel is formed.

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From the above, we know that deshengcarbomer dissolution is not to say that water can be added, so how can we quickly and completely dissolve when using it?


Pre soaking method:

A: 24 hours in advance, Desheng carbomer was dissolved in deionized water according to the actual production requirements. After the carbomer was allowed to absorb water naturally, no white powder could be seen on the surface and no white agglomerates could be seen in the solution, then the neutralizer (Carbopol: neutralizing agent = 1:1,2:1) was added, Kappa: 5% neutralizer solution = 1.4.5) adjust the pH value to about 7 to achieve thickening state. Use round tool or disperser and stir evenly at low speed.


B: homogenizer: in the uniform machine according to the actual production ratio, it is homogeneous, no white cluster can be seen, neutralizer is added, gel is formed, and then the vacuum emulsification pot is used to remove the air from the gel.


C: If the solution is dissolved by common methods, Desheng carbomer can not be stirred when added into water. If it is stirred while adding, it will make carbomer form a white water ball. The surface has absorbed water, but there is no water in it. After neutralization, many white spots of water can be seen, and a large number of bubbles are formed. The viscosity of carbomer is high, and the bubbles are difficult to eliminate by themselves. Even if the defoamer is added, it is difficult to eliminate the bubble. In this case, the bubble can only be eliminated by vacuumizing pot.

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