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Company News About How to prepare 2% carbomer 940 gel with alkaline reagents?

How to prepare 2% carbomer 940 gel with alkaline reagents?

How to prepare 2% carbomer 940 gel with alkaline reagents?

Carbomer is a white, loose powder with strong hygroscopicity and soluble in water, ethanol and glycerol. It can be used as external emulsion, cream and gel. In the neutral environment, carbomer gel system is an excellent gel matrix. It is crystal clear and feels lubricated. It is very suitable for preparing cream or gel. At the same time, because of its simple process, good stability and comfortable feeling, it is widely used in topical administration, especially in skin and eye gel. Although it can be combined with water to form gelatinous transparent emulsion alternation, it is not directly dissolved in water like traditional inorganic salts. Today, we introduce an alkaline preparation method to prepare the ideal carbomer gel solution.


First weigh 1g carbomer 940 dry powder and put it into a 50ml dry beaker. If there is caking, please grind it with a spoon. Then add 25ml purified water and stir while adding to make carbomer 940 fully absorb water and dissolve. This step is very important. Carbomer 940 must fully absorb water. Generally, Carbomer 940 can fully dissolve and swell only after adding water and stirring for a few hours. If you want to be faster, you can heat it in a water bath. It will be faster to stir while heating. Of course, even if heating can accelerate the water absorption and swelling process of carbomer 940, it will take 10 ~ 30 minutes. Then use the drop tube to add alkaline solution, stir it side by side, and measure the pH value at the side. When the PH7 is adjusted, the gel is successful. Triethanolamine can be used as alkali solution). At the same time, make up the remaining water. The total volume is about 50ml.


The prepared gel base agent can directly mix various kinds of gels with other raw materials. As long as the concentration of carbomer is controlled within 0.8%, it is recommended to be suitable for about 0.5%. Only 0.5% of the concentration can produce gel products with good appearance and texture. For example, the gel made of 100ml is only required to take the polymer gel 25g with a pre modulation of 2% concentration into the formula of 75ml. 2% transparent gel 100ml = 2gm gel powder + 98ml pure water + 0.5ml antibacterial agent + moderate neutralizer. DIY carbomer 940 gel.


Special reminder: don't add things indiscriminately! Such as soluble salt, VC, highly acidic solution (lemonade, vinegar). In addition, the carbomer 940 gel system becomes thinner immediately. Hyaluronic acid is also acidic, but because of its small amount of addition, it has little effect on the stability of carbomer 940 gel system, and it can be safely added. Similarly, pure dew is slightly acidic and has little effect after addition.


Carbomer 940 itself is not nutritious, does not support the growth of bacteria and mold, but it can not prevent bacteria and mold from growing in the presence of nutrients in the gel system. So don't add too much at a time. Of course, you can add a little preservative or essential oil as needed.) Ultraviolet radiation has a certain effect on carbomer 940 gel system, so avoid light preservation. When preparing skin care products, the final concentration of carbomer 940 is controlled within 0.8%, which is recommended to be about 0.5%. If the concentration is greater than 0.8%, it is easy to form a film and the skin feels bad. Personal suggestion is about 0.7 beautiful, too thin is close to the thicker essence of liquid.


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