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How to purchase biochemical reagents for newcomers

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
How to purchase biochemical reagents for newcomers
Latest company news about How to purchase biochemical reagents for newcomers

There are many kinds of biochemical reagents, and many of the names are similar, or there are many abbreviations of reagents which have different meanings in different industries. In addition, new beginners of procurement are very headache when looking for biochemical reagents. For example, our Trinder's chromogenic substrates are all derivatives of aniline sodium salt. Their names are very similar and their abbreviations are hard to find. At this time, we need to know the CAS number of the substance, the application and purity level of the substance.
All substances have their own CAS number. CAS is the only identification code of substances in chemical biology, also known as CAS registration number or CAS registration number. It is the only digital identification number of a substance (compound, polymer material, biological sequences, mixture or alloy). In most cases, CAS can be used to identify only one substance or chemical reagent, but there are a few exceptions. Such as optically isomerized lactate dehydrogenase. CAS is not completely included, most of them are common CAS, after all, some of them have similar chemical properties and complicated distinction except for different optical rotation. Some of them are industrialized and widely used, and their physical and chemical properties are different, so they are included in different CAS numbers. Therefore, different isomers of some substances are recorded in different CAS numbers due to different optical activity, physical properties and chemical properties, while some different isomers are not distinguished by CAS numbers for the time being. Another situation is that some substances' hydrates and themselves are two different CAS numbers, but they are often mixed in daily use, which also needs attention of many companies, such as the sodium citrate and EDTA dipotassium produced by us, which are usually in the form of hydrates, and CAS numbers are mixed in use.
In addition to CAS number, biochemical reagent also has purity. According to different uses, biochemical reagents usually have pharmaceutical grade, food grade, industrial grade, chemical grade, injection grade, etc.; if biochemical reagents are classified according to purity, they are industrial grade, experimental grade (LR yellow bottle label), chemical grade (CP dark blue bottle label), analytical grade (AR red bottle label), superior grade grade (GR green bottle label) and high purity (EP). The purity of industrial purity is the lowest, others are reagent purity, and the purity of high purity is far higher than that of superior purity. They are respectively used in industrial production, general chemical test, analytical test and chromatographic analysis.
Since 2005, Desheng technology has developed and produced in vitro diagnostic reagents, such as separation gel, heparin, EDTA potassium salt, etc. it has a deep research on new Trinder's reagents, bicine, Tris and luminol, acridine ester and other biobuffers such as chromogenic substrate TOS, Maos, etc., and has a professional advantage in independent research and development and synthesis.

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