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How to solve the problem that carbomer is not easy to dissolve?

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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How to solve the problem that carbomer is not easy to dissolve?

Carbomer is a high molecular polymer crosslinked by acrylic acid and allyl sucrose or allyl pentaerythritol. It was first produced by g00drich company of the United States, and its trade name is carbomer. Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2005 edition has been included. This product is a loose white powder, with acidity, hygroscopicity and special odor. It is soluble in water, ethanol and glycerin.


The advantages of carbomer are good gel, sticky, thickening, emulsifying, suspending and film-forming properties. The chemical properties are stable, safe, non irritating and hypersensitive. They are very compressible under low pressure and are compatible with most other excipients.


It can increase the bioavailability and show a good correlation in vitro and in vivo. The drug preparation with zero order release rate can be made. It can form soluble gel type internal salt with basic drugs, so that the drug can release slowly. Salt electrolytes can reduce the viscosity of carbomer gel. Alkaline earth metal ions and polymers can be combined to form insoluble salts. Strong acids can also cause carbomer to lose viscosity, and must be avoided in compatibility.


Disadvantages: 1, hygroscopicity, easy to caking, storage should pay attention to moisture.

2. Carbomer dry powder and high concentration mucilage are irritating to eyes, nose and throat. After contact, it can be rinsed with physiological sodium chloride solution.

3. Non solid state has no antibacterial effect, but does not support the growth of bacteria, so preservatives should be added.


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The gel obtained from dissolving the carbomer powder produced by Desheng


Because of its advantages, Carbomer is widely used, but it also has disadvantages, among which group formation is the problem that most customers respond to. Many manufacturers will encounter various problems when using Carbomer, because carbomer has strong hydrophilicity. Carbomer of dry powder has strong hygroscopicity. Like other hygroscopic powders, it is easy to form clusters or incomplete wetting when it is put into water or other polar solvents by improper methods.


Other powders will eventually decrease and dissolve after agglomerating, but carbomer will not dissolve easily after agglomerating, because once the outer layer of the agglomerate is completely infiltrated, water is not easy to penetrate into the internal dry part, and finally agglomerate.


Desheng, as a professional manufacturer of cabom, according to the experience of engineers in the technical department, sorts out several methods here for reference.

1. Sprinkle carbomer on the water (Note: carbomer sprinkles on the water, not carbomer adds water), and keep it still for one night to make it fully dissolve and swell;

2. Grind carbomer and glycerin (or propylene glycol, according to the prescription) in mortar, and then add water to grind evenly;

3. Add a certain amount of water into the mixer, slowly add carbomer under rapid stirring, and continue stirring for 1-2 hours after adding to make it fully dissolve;


Desheng friendly reminder:

1. If it is a laboratory test, it is recommended to use 2 and 3 methods;


2. If it is a pilot plant or production, it is more appropriate to use methods 1 and 3. If method 1 is used, there may be jelly like lumps, but it is not a big problem: after a colloid mill, a very uniform colloid can be obtained. After the colloid mill, there may be more bubbles, which can be eliminated by vacuumizing and placing overnight;


3, the above method is only to get carbomer colloid. To get gel matrix, we must adjust PH to 6-10 by triethanolamine or sodium hydroxide solution. The resin particles must be evenly dispersed in cold water. Under the high speed of 500-800rpm, the carbomer can be sieved into the stirring vortex by screen. The optional dispersion equipment can be ejector, flocculation disperser and conventional disperser.


The methods explained above are purely personal experience. The Carbomer manufacturing equipment used by each company is different, and the methods vary from person to person. If you know other good ways to avoid kapom forming a group, you are also welcome to leave a message for Desheng to learn together. Kapom has many different models. Desheng's current sales volume and feedback are kapom 980 and kapom 940, which are available from stock. Welcome to contact us Inquiry and order!

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