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Company News About How to use silicification agent for blood collection?

How to use silicification agent for blood collection?

How to use silicification agent for blood collection?

How to use silicification agent for blood collection?


    As a necessary treatment reagent in blood collection, silicified agent usually exists on the surface of the test tube, which is not easy to be detected by the naked eye. Its main role is to ensure that the test tube is smooth and transparent, without burr, prevent wall hanging, and affect the overall beauty and test results. Although it is convenient and fast to use, some problems sometimes occur, such as poor silicification effect, rough test tube on one side, or deviation of test results. So we will focus on how to use it in this case.


    Silicifying agent is divided into high-efficiency silicifying agent (oil silicon) and water silicon. The composition and performance of the two are different, so the use method will also be different. Please pay attention to distinguishing. Use method of high-efficiency silicifying agent:


    1. Prepare and weigh an appropriate amount of silicifying agent, and then add a certain amount of petroleum ether. When the boiling range reaches 60-90 ℃ and the concentration is 0.5-1.0%, fully stir evenly.


    2. The evenly stirred solution can be adhered to the inner wall of the test tube by spraying, soaking, and then placed for a short time.


    3. After a short time of placing, the glass or plastic test tube can be fully drained with its nozzle facing down, and then placed at room temperature for about 3 hours to cure. After fully drying, other reagents can be added together.


    4. Attention must be paid to adding other reagents after complete curing, especially when the reagent is a solution, if it is not fully cured, it is easy to dilute or mix, resulting in poor silicification effect.


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Water-soluble silicifying agent


    Use method of water-soluble silicide:


    1. First prepare an appropriate amount of water-soluble silicifying agent, then add a certain amount of deionized water, fully prepare it into an aqueous solution of 0.5-1% concentration, and then mix well.


    2. After preparation, completely dip the test tube into the mixed solution and take it out after a short stay.


    3. Then fully drain the tube with its mouth down, or put it in an oven for drying, and then add other reagents.


    The above briefly introduces how to prepare and use the silicified agent. As a treatment reagent for blood collection, its requirements must be stricter. Only by knowing how to use it can we effectively avoid problems in the results.


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