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How would you choose the provenance of carbomer

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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How would you choose the provenance of carbomer

Carbomer is a kind of acrylic crosslinking resin crosslinked with acrylic acid by pentaerythritol and so on. It is a very important rheological regulator. After neutralization, Carbomer is an excellent gel matrix with thickening, suspension and other important uses. The process is simple, and its stability is good. It is widely used in emulsion, cream and gel.


We ourselves are not very familiar with Carbomer, and we know it was in the eyes of the public when it was used as a raw material for hand washing gel during the epidemic. At that time, because the purchase of this raw material was imported from abroad, the epidemic situation led to a very severe foreign form, unable to carry out normal import and export trade, and also directly led to the shortage of many manufacturers in the production of hand sanitizer series products. It also made it explode overnight.


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There are all kinds of information about cabom, which has skyrocketed from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars, but it is still unable to supply domestic demand. If you can't import it, you have to produce and sell it yourself. So there was a boom in the production of carbomer. As long as you ask, you say you are a manufacturer of Carbomer, but how many are there?


It's really hard to find a real and reliable manufacturer of carbomer. To tell the truth, it's either not available, or there are too many, so you can't tell the true from the false. Then why do you have to find a manufacturer? As long as you have the goods, isn't it OK? Yes, as long as the goods are available, it is the ultimate goal. But where did the goods come from? Is there a guarantee and after-sales service?


I believe that every purchasing staff is most concerned about this issue. As long as we pay attention to the product of Carbomer, we all know that the explosion of this product has led to a lot of bad businesses replacing inferior products with good ones. There are many problems with the product, and there are very few products that can be used, which has led to an unprecedented strange appearance in the whole market. But if you are looking for a regular manufacturer to provide you with samples and after-sales and technical support, are these problems still problems?


Desheng, as a manufacturer, although it appeared relatively late in the cabom project, they did not follow suit and only made products, because only the products were finished, all problems were not problems. They don't look at the high price and sell the incomplete products with no guarantee of quality to customers. Instead, they deal with a series of problems encountered in the products in a low-key way. Only when they really achieve the products in their mind can they go to the market. Even when the price and market demand decrease at that time, they will not change their determination to make good products at all. They will let you see the products first Quality, when you encounter any problem to help you solve the problem. Isn't such a manufacturer what you are looking for?

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