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In addition to quality and output, Desheng cabomer also has favorable price

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
As a distributor of hospital agent , your Blood Collection Tube Additives is very suit for my needs , i think we have establish a good business with each other , thank you !

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In addition to quality and output, Desheng cabomer also has favorable price

Carbomer is an important raw material in our daily chemical products, especially after the epidemic, more and more people are familiar with it. Its most famous battle is its absence, resulting in a shortage of disposable hand gel on the market, and in short supply. This also makes many businesses see its business opportunities, and they have a thief's heart to cabom. In the period of money and no goods, many manufacturers are merciless, and use other products to impersonate cabom, and sell them at a high price. Because of these reasons, many customers are deceived and cold hearted. They don't believe in carbomer's products and always have a skeptical attitude. Today, I'd like to take you to Desheng, the real enterprise that produces cabom.


Desheng cabom production base

Desheng biochemical is a chemical reagent company established in 2005. It has been engaged in the R & D and production of polyacrylic acid. Up to now, it has developed three generations of serum separation gel for different purposes and carbomer products for different purposes. Conventional production is carbomer 940 and carbomer 980, daily production can reach 3-5t.


Desheng has a professional R & D team with 6 professional R & D personnel and 10 production personnel. In terms of product quality, what we uphold is that you pay for good things and we pay for bad things. No matter what problems we encounter, we can solve them for you at the first time. What we do is word of mouth, not a business.


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Since carbomer is developed and produced by our company, it supports customization of some indicators for different industries and uses. And we produced carbomer powder is obviously white, and the powder is more fluffy and delicate. In the configuration of solvent, the transparency is also much higher than that of similar products. The conventional carbomer is made into gel, the appearance is more transparent, and the viscosity can be customized according to individual indexes. In addition, Desheng has perfect after-sales service. Desheng promises to return and replace any quality problems. Can apply for free sample trial, do try before buying.


We have the advantage of quality and output, the price is to bring you a surprise. Before the year, the preferential price was over tons, and the price was as low as 130 yuan / kg. This preferential price lasts for one month, from February 25, 2021 to February 25, 2021. Don't doubt what you see. This is our greatest sincerity.

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