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Inactivated Virus Transportation Media

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Inactivated Virus Transportation Media
Latest company news about Inactivated Virus Transportation Media

The new coronavirus is the most terrible word in 2020. There is no doubt that in order to eliminate the fear it brings us, the world is making suggestions for virus detection. Fortunately, with the efforts of scientific researchers, nucleic acid detection is basically Virus carriers have been successfully screened, and methods are needed to have products. In the process of sending nucleic acid samples to be tested, they also need the help of virus transportation media, otherwise the virus nucleic acid will not be detected and will increase. The false negative rate is the so-called missed diagnosis.


There are two commonly used virus transportation media, that is inactivated and activated type. The activated virus transportation media is often infectious due to the virus, which requires very high operating environment and personnel. Once the specimen is contaminated, it will cause unpredictable consequences. In the routine virus nucleic acid detection, if the detection environment does not meet the requirements, it is recommended to use inactivated virus transportation media.


The high concentration of guanidine salt in the inactivated transportation media can quickly inactivate and preserve the respiratory pathogens, making the sample lose its infectivity. Virus DNA/RNA extraction kits can be used for inactivated samples. The M32/M96 nucleic acid extraction instrument can quickly extract nucleic acids. At the same time, it can be used with the respiratory pathogen PCR detection kit to achieve rapid detection. The specific sensitivity is not affected.


Features of inactivated virus transportation media produced by Hubei New Desheng:

1. Easy to use and operate, no liquid preparation is required, and the system contains high-efficiency virus lysate. The virus is inactivated immediately after sampling, effectively preventing the risk of secondary infection and ensuring the safety of transportation and testing personnel;

2. Viral DNA/RNA can be stored and transported at room temperature for 1 week without degradation. After extraction according to most commercial kits, the obtained DNA/RNA has good quality and high yield, and can complete various genetic testing and analysis experiments. Such as PCR, qPCR, etc., while saving transportation costs;

3. Nucleic acid RNase inhibitor is included to maximize the protection of viral nucleic acid from degradation and greatly improve the efficiency of nucleic acid extraction.

4. It is suitable for the collection, storage and transportation of common virus samples such as new coronavirus, influenza virus, hand-foot-mouth virus, etc. It can collect pharyngeal swab nasal test samples or tissue samples of specific parts.


Hubei New Desheng now provides a large number of inactivated and activated virus transportation media for domestic institutions or enterprises to meet the needs of nucleic acid testing.


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