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Ingredients of Virus Transportation Media

China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Ingredients of Virus Transportation Media
Latest company news about Ingredients of Virus Transportation Media

For a long time, virus infection has been affecting human health, and is also one of the main reasons leading to the pandemic of infectious diseases, just like the current global spread of the new coronavirus. Therefore, the research on viruses has become the focus of the current health field. The extraction and cultivation of viruses, and even the detection and identification of viruses have become the top priority of current research tasks.


In the current technology, the design of common virus transportation media, or the protection of nucleic acids, will point to the protection of viral functional proteins. For example, the virus transpotation media for nucleic acids usually contains the inhibitory effect of dnase / rnase and other functional enzymes, destroying functional proteins, and the virus transportation media that mainly protects functional proteins is not good for the protection of nucleic acids. The first type virus transpotation buffer is more suitable for PCR method or other molecular detection methods, while the second type virus transpotation buffer is more suitable for detection of viral antigens or antibodies, such as elisa or colloidal gold, fluorescence and other rapid detection usage of.


The components of the virus transpotation media currently studied are mainly Hank's liquid foundation. On the basis of Hank's liquid, Hubei New Desheng Materials Technology Co., Ltd. has also added such as gentamicin, fungal antibiotics, BSA (bovine serum albumin fifth group Points), biological buffers HEPES, amino acids, cryoprotectants, glycerin and other ingredients:

1. Gentamicin, fungal antibiotics: a combination of multiple antibiotics, with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects;

2. BSA (V): As a protein stabilizer, bovine serum albumin (BSA) can form a protective film in the protein shell of the virus, making it difficult to decompose, ensure the integrity of the virus, and improve the separation rate;

3. Biological buffer HEPES and amino acids: The neutral environment constructed by the buffer helps increase the survival time and infection stability of the virus.

4. Cryoprotectant: Usually the virus transportation media needs to be stored at -70. Cryoprotectant can better protect the integrity of the virus.


This virus transportation media can maintain the activity of the virus in a wider temperature range. It has a better ability to maintain the integrity of the virus than Hank's solution. The positive rate of PCR detection and virus separation is higher than the traditional Hank's solution. It can be used for Collection and transportation of clinical specimens such as clinical influenza, avian influenza (such as H7N9), hand, foot and mouth disease, measles and other viral specimens and specimens of mycoplasma, ureaplasma, chlamydia.

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