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Company News About Is heparin sodium the same as heparin lithium?

Is heparin sodium the same as heparin lithium?

Is heparin sodium the same as heparin lithium?

Is heparin sodium the same as heparin lithium


    From the perspective of application, heparin lithium and heparin sodium can prevent blood coagulation. They are commonly used products in blood analysis in hospitals. Their appearance and color are the same. They are white amorphous powder, tasteless, soluble in water and easy to absorb moisture. In terms of the method of use, they are dissolved in distilled water, then prepared into a certain concentration and content of solution, and added to the test tube. However, it should be noted that this does not mean that the two are the same. There is still a big difference in the essence. Let me give you a detailed analysis.


    The differences between heparin lithium and heparin sodium should be noted in the following aspects:


    1. The white blood cell count results of the same sample are different. From the experiment, we can see that the change of heparin sodium is more regular. It will gradually increase with time, and the white blood cell count will increase slowly, and then decrease slowly after 2 hours. However, the measured value of heparin lithium changes little, and is slow and stable, so the final results of the two are also different.


    2. The binding ions of the two are different. Although the anticoagulation mechanism is similar and the use is the same, they are also the same form of existence, but one is sodium ion and the other is lithium ion, which are fundamentally different.


    3. In whole blood cell analysis, heparin sodium is generally not used, but heparin lithium, which can complete the analysis and test in a short time, but heparin sodium can not achieve such effect.


    4. The recommended dosage of the two in the vacuum tube is different. Generally, 9.4IU-28IU of heparin lithium will be added to every milliliter of blood, while the dosage of heparin sodium is 12IU-30IU.


    5. The price is different. Based on the use of the two and the replacement of heparin lithium with heparin sodium, the price of heparin lithium is higher than that of heparin sodium. In addition, heparin sodium sometimes affects some test experiments, while heparin lithium does not.


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