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Company News About Is the blood anticoagulant function of CAS25102-12-9 EDTA 2K continuous?

Is the blood anticoagulant function of CAS25102-12-9 EDTA 2K continuous?

Is the blood anticoagulant function of CAS25102-12-9 EDTA 2K continuous?



Is the blood anticoagulant function of CAS25102-12-9 EDTA 2K continuous?


    EDTA 2K, known as dipotassium ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid in Chinese, CAS No. 25102-12-9, is an important anticoagulant added to vacuum collection vessels, compared to other types of anticoagulants, such as: Heparin, sodium citrate, potassium oxalate, etc., are used more frequently, so here to give you a detailed introduction, to help you understand the details of it, to help use in clinical testing.


    EDTA 2K Blood anticoagulant Time

    As a widely used anticoagulant, EDTA 2K is sufficient to demonstrate its good anticoagulant effect and stable performance. However, it should be noted that its blood anticoagulant function is not continuous, which means its anticoagulant time is limited. Because EDTA is a non-irreversible anticoagulant, medical personnel usually complete the test within 24 hours after blood collection to avoid errors in test results.


    Type of sampling vessel for EDTA 2K applications

    The amount of anticoagulant added to different types of anticoagulant tubes varies. EDTA 2K is usually added to a vacuum tube used to test blood routine. The tube cap is purple. In addition, it can also be used in nucleic acid detection tubes. The main mechanism is that EDTA complexing magnesium ions, so that it will have an inhibitory effect on nucleases requiring the presence of magnesium ions to play a role, and can prevent nucleic acids from being degraded by nucleases.


    The amount of EDTA 2K

    The dosage of EDTA 2K in the collection vessel is determined by the amount of blood collected. The content of EDTA 2K per ml of blood ranges from 1.5 to 2.2mg. The median value of EdTA 2K is 1.8mg/ml when preparing reagents. It should be noted that the dosage of EDTA 2K is separate from the amount of heparin anticoagulant. The dosage of EDTA 2K is by weight and heparin is by titer. It should not be confused.


    EDTA 2K solution preparation

    EDTA 2K is white crystalline powder, which should be prepared into solution in the preparation of anticoagulant tube. The concentration of the solution should not be too low or too high. When increasing the dosage of EDTA 2K, the concentration should be increased first and then the spraying amount. The reason why the concentration should not be too high is that when the temperature drops, the solubility will also change, resulting in the precipitation of EDTA 2K crystals, sometimes causing the risk of hemolysis. Usually, 20 microliters of EDTA 2K solution is added to 2mL or 3mL of blood collection.


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