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Company News About lithium heparin and gel for plasma separation

lithium heparin and gel for plasma separation

lithium heparin and gel for plasma separation

Plasma separation is a common operation in clinical and laboratory medicine, which typically requires the use of a series of specially designed reagents and materials to ensure efficient plasma separation. Among them, the test tubes containing anticoagulant heparin lithium and separation gel are more common. So why use heparin lithium and separation gel test tubes instead of other types? This is inseparable from the role and significance of their combination.


1、 Key points of heparin lithium anticoagulation


Heparin lithium is an anticoagulant, belonging to one of the common types of heparin. Its main function in plasma separation tubes is to inhibit blood coagulation. Its anticoagulant effect is achieved by interfering with the interaction between thrombin and fibrinogen, which prevents the formation of fibrin and keeps the blood in its original state, making it easier to separate plasma. After collecting blood samples, the blood in the plasma separation tube will come into contact with heparin lithium, ensuring that the entire sample will not coagulate during the collection and separation process, and obtaining effective plasma.


2、 Effective separation of separation gel


Separation gel is another important component in the plasma separation process. It is usually located at the bottom of the plasma separation tube, and has precisely controlled density and viscosity. Under centrifugal operation, plasma will move up and float on the upper layer of the gel, while blood cells will deposit on the lower layer of the separation gel. This method not only ensures rapid separation of plasma, but also maintains the integrity of blood cells.


3、 Effect of heparin lithium for plasma separation on gel


The use of heparin lithium and separation gel ensures that blood samples can be separated efficiently and without pollution, making subsequent detection and analysis more accurate and reliable. At the same time, clinicians often need to carry out various blood tests, such as biochemical tests, disease screening, etc. The accuracy of plasma separation results also provides guarantee for clinical practice.


Heparin lithium and separation gel are indispensable components of the plasma separation tube and must be added. As reagents used in vacuum tubes, there are strict requirements on the quality of its raw materials.


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