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Company News About Lithium heparin formula

Lithium heparin formula

Lithium heparin formula

Lithium heparin formula


    In the process of clinical detection, heparin lithium has a very high application value. Because of its low chelating performance and will not interfere with blood components, it will be widely used as a blood treatment reagent in vacuum tubes. Especially in the determination of some special items, heparin lithium is the only reagent that produces the least interference and achieves the desired effect. Since the effect is obvious, what is its formula? Let's give you a detailed introduction.


    Lithium heparin formula


    Material 1: crude heparin


    Material 2: Trypsin


    Material 3: deionized water, ammonia water


    Material 4: anhydrous ethanol


    Material 5: hydrogen peroxide, sodium chloride


    Material 6: resin, lithium salt


    Configuration steps


    1. Dissolution: first, the crude heparin extracted from animal organs needs to be dissolved in deionized water, and then stirred at a constant speed under the state of heat preservation;


    2. Trypsin pretreatment: after dissolution, stir vigorously and evenly, heat up, add ammonia, control the PH value in the reaction process, wash the precipitate with anhydrous ethanol, and finally dry under vacuum for standby.


    3. Enzymatic hydrolysis: add trypsin into the reaction solution, adjust the PH value, reach a certain temperature for enzymatic hydrolysis, filter, get the filtrate, weigh the filtrate, and collect trypsin.


    4. Oxidation: add hydrogen peroxide into the filtrate of the previous step, and continuously adjust the value, and then conduct oxidation to control the PH value;


    5. Re-dissolve: add sodium chloride to step 4 and stir to dissolve.


    6. Ion exchange: the filtrate obtained after re-dissolution is completed is passed through the column with ion exchange resin, the effluent is collected, lithium salt is added, and the solution is stirred.


    7. Filtration to remove salt and water: use nanofiltration membrane to concentrate and collect concentrated solution.


    8. Precipitation and drying: precipitate the concentrated solution obtained in the previous step with ethanol, absorb the supernatant above, wash it repeatedly until it becomes hard particles, and then dry it in vacuum, smash it with a ball mill to obtain high-quality heparin lithium.


    From the above steps, we can know that the main ingredient of the formula is crude heparin. After preparation, lithium salt products are used for ion exchange to obtain high-quality products. This way not only simplifies the overall operation process, greatly improves production efficiency, but also reduces production costs.


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