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Company News About Lithium heparin price

Lithium heparin price

Lithium heparin price

Lithium heparin price


    Heparin, as a substance naturally existing in the internal organs of animals, has been found to have strong anticoagulant effect in vivo and in vitro. According to this effect, heparin lithium was later made. Since the 1940s, it has been widely used in clinical medicine, such as anticoagulation of blood samples, preparation of drugs for antithrombotic treatment and use in major operations. These different fields of use lead to differences in production costs and ultimately in prices. So we will focus on analyzing the factors that affect the price of heparin lithium.


    1、 Market demand


    As the incidence rate of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases is increasing year by year, the demand for anticoagulant drugs or anticoagulant reagents for some thrombotic diseases is increasing. In addition, the performance of heparin lithium can interfere with the coagulation process, which also drives the market of heparin lithium raw materials invisibly, making the price rise for a long time.


    2、 Pig yield


    Because heparin lithium contains "heparin", its extraction source is mostly from the intestinal mucosa of pigs. Although the pig industry is relatively developed, sometimes some uncontrollable factors will lead to a decline in production, which also has a significant impact on the extraction of heparin. For example, in the outbreak of swine plague in 2019, the extraction rate of heparin decreased, the production decreased, the market became scarce, and the natural price would fluctuate.


    3、 Raw materials and process


    It is not enough to make heparin lithium by extracting heparin. Usually, the product with pure color and no impurities is prepared, and the process and raw materials are also exquisite. For heparin lithium used in the medical industry, some manufacturers use imported raw materials, some manufacturers use domestic raw materials to save costs and the principle of simple process, which will lead to price differences in the finished products.


    4、 Type


    Due to the different types of heparin lithium, its price is also different. Just like refined heparin lithium and crude heparin lithium, refined heparin lithium is generally used in vacuum tubes for anticoagulation in vitro blood. This requires stable process and analytical purity of heparin, which requires high natural price. However, the crude heparin lithium is generally extracted and made through simple manufacturing steps. The requirements for various indicators are also relatively loose, and the natural price is also lower. These types of differences have become one of the factors affecting the price.


    As a Chinese manufacturer of heparin lithium, Desheng has always pursued quality first, so it has set up a professional R&D and quality department to conduct repeated spot checks on batches of products to ensure customer satisfaction. If you are interested, please click the website to purchase!