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Company News About lithium heparin tube used for which test

lithium heparin tube used for which test

lithium heparin tube used for which test

Heparin lithium tube is a commonly used device for blood collection and examination. As the test tube contains heparin lithium as an anticoagulant, it helps to prevent blood from clotting after collection. Not only does it provide convenience for medical staff during blood collection, but it also plays a crucial role in various types of examinations, ensuring the accuracy of the results. Now let's take a look at which tests are commonly used for heparin lithium tubes?


1、 Screening for liver diseases


After collecting blood samples, heparin lithium tubes can be used to check whether patients have liver diseases such as hepatitis, nephritis, or liver cancer. Although heparin lithium itself is not a test item, it can effectively prevent blood clotting and maintain the original state of the blood, which is very important for certain analytical instruments. Because only when blood is in a liquid state can accurate testing be conducted to obtain information about the patient's health status. And heparin lithium tubes can ensure the accuracy of the examination results, enabling medical staff to take timely measures to eliminate or prevent liver diseases.


2、 ESR and blood gas examination


The presence of heparin lithium makes it very useful in blood gas analysis and erythrocyte sedimentation rate tests. Due to its anticoagulant effect in the blood, it can interfere with the coagulation process and prolong the coagulation time of the specimen, which is very suitable for measuring blood gas parameters and erythrocyte sedimentation rate. However, it should be noted that heparin lithium tubes are not suitable for checking coagulation parameters, as they themselves can interfere with coagulation.


3、 Check electrolyte


Early electrolyte measurements used heparin sodium anticoagulant tubes, but it was later discovered that it may have an impact on certain test results. With the improvement of technology, heparin lithium tubes have gradually replaced heparin sodium tubes. This type of blood sample can be used for blood potassium testing and for taking upper plasma for examination after centrifugation and sedimentation. In addition, some hospitals also use 3ml of heparin lithium tubes to check the lead content of children, which is also helpful for screening for poisoning in children.


Lithium heparin tubes have played a role in multiple different types of examinations, ensuring that blood samples are collected in their original state during the analysis process, thereby obtaining accurate examination results. However, regardless of the project, the stability of the substance heparin lithium needs to be relied on. As a manufacturer of heparin lithium, Desheng can provide raw material powder with less impurities and a potency greater than 150IU, which can be used for blood collection. At present, there are a large number of spot goods for sale in the warehouse, which can meet customer purchasing needs. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us for purchase!