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Company News About Look at the outside sky through carbomer gel

Look at the outside sky through carbomer gel

Look at the outside sky through carbomer gel

According to the feedback from the market to Carbomer, the transparency of carbomer has always been concerned by the majority of customers. A lot of carbomer powder can be made when it is powdered, but when it is dissolved, you will find that the gel penetration is not enough enough to meet the requirement.


Due to the special structure of Carbomer, it is easy to expand with water, and it has strong hydrophilicity. The carbomer hygroscopicity of dry powder is very strong, which is the same as other hygroscopic powders. Therefore, when it is put into water or other polar solvents by improper methods, it is easy to form clusters or incomplete wetting. In this way, the gel will appear granular and transparent.

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In addition, in some gel products, such as disinfectant and free gel, in order to increase permeability, anticorrosion and solubilization, ethanol is often added as an additive. The content can be as high as 75%. Carbomer gel is essentially a polymer aqueous solution. The stability of polymer solution is due to the existence of hydration film on the surface of the particle. The addition of strong hydrophilic non electrolytes (such as ethanol) will make the polymer solution flocculate. The carbomer ethanol gel prepared by different operation processes has different concentration of ethanol, and when the concentration of ethanol is too high, The finished gel will produce a little milky light and reduce the transparency of the gel.

Therefore, if 2% of the purified water is added to the gel product with 70% ethanol content, the milk light will be significantly reduced compared with the finished products. This method has a certain effect on improving the appearance transparency of the finished products.


The big difference between Desheng carbomer and ordinary carbomer on the market is that in the powder state, it can be seen that the powder of Desheng carbomer is obviously white, and the powder is more fluffy and delicate. Moreover, the transparency of our carbomer is much higher than that of similar products. You can see the opposite sky through our kapom! At the same time, because we are a direct manufacturer, we can also customize individual indicators.


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