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Luminol chemiluminescence reagent is mainly used in what fields

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China Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Luminol chemiluminescence reagent is mainly used in what fields

Application of luminol in chemiluminescence analysis

Luminol chemiluminescence analysis has the advantages of high sensitivity, wide linear range, fast analysis speed and relatively simple instrument equipment. It is widely used in the fields of life science, environmental science, clinical medicine and physiology. Chemiluminescence analysis in addition to many efficient separation methods such as combination of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), capillary electrophoresis, etc, in recent years, it also and flow injection analysis, electrochemical analysis reagent, biological immune analysis, immobilized technology, sensor technology, analysis technology, the rapid development, become one of the hotspots in the field of chemical analysis.

Luminol has become one of the most widely used chemiluminescence reagents due to its advantages of high quantum yield, easy synthesis and good water solubility. Zhang zhujun et al. made a detailed review on luminol chemiluminescence reaction and its application in analysis. The analytical application of luminol - iodide chemiluminescence system is introduced. However, due to the slow reaction rate of luminol oxidation luminescence, it is necessary to add some enzymes or inorganic catalysts.

The detection of analyte by luminol chemiluminescence and reagent immobilization is an important research direction. A chemiluminescence sensor for the determination and measurement of glucose was designed by using a light-emitting system, which was fixed on the carrier. A sensor for the determination of riboflavin and rutin was designed based on a similar method. A time - resolved chemiluminescence analysis method for the determination of homobarine and homobarine in binary mixtures was proposed based on the different catalytic rates of peroxidase to the oxidation of the amine compounds. Due to the stable performance and low price of luminol, practical application research and analysis will have a broader application prospect. Another major use of chemiluminescence in immunoassay is immunoassay. Chemiluminescence immunity in which a luminescent reagent or sensitizer molecule is labeled on an antigen or antibody for enzymatic, antigen, or antibody determination.

Application of luminol in organics analysis

The organic compounds can be analyzed and determined by the promotion and inhibition of luminol luminescence system. Recently, the inhibitory effects of different antioxidants on superoxide anion expansion, radical transradical, peroxynitrite and luminescence of luminol were systematically investigated. The free radical scavengers in plant extracts were determined based on the inhibition of the antioxidant system and in combination with the technique. A new method for the determination of hemorazine and hemorazine has been developed based on the properties of the potential antioxidant hemorazine, which promotes the yao 10 system, and the glutorazine has an inhibitory effect on the fumino nitrite system. Based on the promotion of a luminescence reaction, the chemiluminescence method for the determination of isopropyl throat, chloropropyl throat, vanilla amygdalic acid, isosmoke well and skin was established based on the inhibition of the system. Based on the properties of peroxide dismutase inhibiting luminol superoxide anion chemiluminescence, xu et al. established a simple method for determination. The content of penicillin 1 in human serum was determined based on the promotion effect of penicillin 1-10 system and the high-efficiency head-on analysis technique. Based on the inhibition effect of the system, theanine in tea was determined with the linear range of a. Based on the inhibition of catechin on yi-yi system, the catechin was measured and the oil was detected. Based on the inhibitory effect of p-ethyl-aminophenol on a luminescent system, an analytical method for the determination of p-ethyl-aminophenol in the drug was established, with a linear range of one. Years old. Recently, based on the inhibition of protein on luminol - tetrasulfonic manganese phthalide blue hydrogen peroxide luminescence system, a new high sensitive chemiluminescence method for the determination of protein was established in combination with flow injection. Many clinically important substances, such as glucose, urea, uric acid, lactic acid, choleol, choline, catecholamines and some enzymes and their substrates, can be produced by certain reactions. Indirect determination of these substances can be realized by the luminescence detection of the generated substances.

Applications of luminol in pharmaceutical and environmental analysis

The application of luminol in drug and environmental analysis and the study of its reaction mechanism include two parts: review of chemiluminescence analysis and research report. In 1877,Radziszewski discovered that loronine glows green when oxidized in alkaline media by reagents such as hydrogen peroxide. Since then, many similar luminescent compounds have been synthesized, and their luminescence mechanism and application have been further studied.

DE sheng technology since the 05 years began to research and development production of luminol, luminol, separation of glue, heparin, EDTA potassium collects blood vessels such as additive, and in vitro diagnostic reagent, the color of the original substrate TOOS, MAOS new Trinder 's reagent, Bicine and Tris biological buffer and luminol, acridine esters such as chemiluminescence reagent has a deep research, the independent research and development and synthesis of professional advantage, DE sheng technology to become the industry's leading brand of the world, to make great contributions to human health. At present, the company has reached a long-term cooperative relationship with many large enterprises

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